Final Fantasy Type-O Coming To PC, Will Be Demonstrated On MSI's Laptops At Computex

MSI has issued a press release about its presence at this year’s Computex, and revealed that Final Fantasy Type-0 will be coming to the PC (and will be showcased running on its new laptops at COMPUTEX).

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Magicite1297d ago

Damn, one less reason to move onto current-gen consoles.

But really, I am making list of games I want to play on PS4 (when I get one), once Im finished with my PS3 backlog, and list just grew shorter - obviously gonna play this on PC.

Tzuno1296d ago

Man PC has never been better than lately and it will keep climbing, the technology is to damn good to ignore.

tablecloth1297d ago

Wonder if they learned from FFXIII and FFXIII-2.

Articuno761297d ago

If they are going to be showing it off live, and on laptop hardware no less, hopefully that means they have confidence that the port is a solid job this time around. It should be as it would be using a PS4 base, which is very similar to the PC.

And I certainly hope they have. I can't believe how bad FFXIII-2's port job is.

mezati991297d ago

when is this conference exactly?

tablecloth1296d ago

That's a pretty solid deduction.
Still a bit worried about how much effort would be put into it. I would love to be able to downsample it from 4k to 1080p ( since it's a laptop showcase ) on my pretty decent rig.

And in my experience, FFXIII-2 performed better playable wise. FFXIII had that annoying micro stutter even with controller whereas the other had weird frame locks and dips.

DiscoKid1297d ago

I hope so. 13 was a so-so port, but 13-2 was even worse. Couldnt finish the latter because gameplay, albeit playable, was not visually enjoyable.

mezati991297d ago

it's a matter of time before they announce FFXV PC version

Eiyuuou1297d ago

Only if it is successful. Even then it might still take a while.

Articuno761297d ago

TBH I think the wait is more of a formality than anything else. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see FFXV launch simultaneously with the the console versions. Heck, it might well be that an Episode Duscae demo has been in the works for the PC this whole time and SE are simply waiting for AMD's PC event at E3 to announce it.

Clearly the FF series has been sucessful on PC, otherwise we wouldn't see The After Years or be hearing of things like this. And hey, this is the same company that's willing to confirm KH3/FFXV for the Xbone, so multi-platform releases on the PC seem like a no brainer.

Maybe I'm just being overly hopeful here though. After all, sometimes these companies do things that defy belief.

Eiyuuou1296d ago


It would certainly be a first, for a mainline FF (excluding XI and XIV) to simultaniously come to the PC. Highly unlikely if you ask me. However, I do not dispute the fact that it will come to the PC eventually. Maybe after a year or so.

Of course I hope that I'm wrong. The more people that can enjoy this title the better.

NoctisPendragon1296d ago

The FF XV demo is a marketing deal , you will never see it without FF Type 0 HD even if SE wanted .

LegoIsAwesome1297d ago

Might as well announce FFXV for PC.

Th3o1296d ago

Agreed I'm actually excited for FF 15, I loved Crisis Core.

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The story is too old to be commented.