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d_g1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Can’t wait to E3 2015


Meatyboy1175d ago

Don't know why peeps are disagreeing with you I'm so pumped for e3!! Some people think getting excited for things is bad for some reason but I personally find it part of the fun getting hyped for a game and talking about all the cool things you see in trailers to my friends.

E3 is gonna be mental!

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Hoffmann1175d ago

Almost every comment on N4G gets at least 2 disagrees. I doubt that the disagreers even read the comments.

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Lev19031175d ago

@SolidStoner Yeah Sony never did that with SF5.

Dude really? All games looks better on the PC. Xbox owners know what they are geting and they love getting what they want. Im glad i choose the xbox one over the ps4. Or else i couldnt play the timed exclusives on my console just like you.

never4get1175d ago

Greatness Awaits, and I can wait for Rise of the Tomb Raider. This holiday gonna be fun!

SlapHappyJesus1175d ago

"Don't know why peeps are disagreeing with you"

This is N4G . . .
I'll give you one guess.

Lev19031175d ago

Lol. I think i messed up with my sarcasm. Lost a bubble :D ohh well.

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divinealpha1175d ago

THE only people disagreeing with him are the ones who cant play it this year.

BattleAxe1175d ago

I am soooooooooo hyped for this game!!! Can't wait for E3!

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lelo2play1175d ago

Hyped about the game, but this is not a gameplay trailer...

umair_s511175d ago

I think this is in-engine

Spenok1175d ago

Uh... unless the title as edited... it doesn't say anything about it being a gameplay trailer. It even says the reveal trailer will be shown at E3 at the end of it.

jb2271175d ago

Haven't seen a single frame of gameplay yet. Hopefully that'll mean that we will get footage that is actually indicative of the final product instead of another downgrade deal…but the multiple cg trailers are kinda pointless in my eyes, and it leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth as one of my pet peeves are games that use cg cutscenes in the age of in engine cinematics. The bookend cg cutscenes for Tomb Raider were pretty jarring & they were basically copy pasted from the commercials we had already seen. I'm guessing this same thing will happen & the game will open w/ Lara at the psychologist just like the first trailer, then it'll transition to whatever's happening on this mountain here. So we basically know how the game opens at this point if history is anything to go by.

Kingdomcome2471175d ago

Only two more weeks from today until the gameplay reveal at E3. I'm super pumped for E3 as a whole, and ROTTR is one of my most highly anticipated games.

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Sarah_Ch1175d ago

I have no idea why dislikes for, maybe ppl who can't own it this year unfortunately.

Magicite1175d ago

Im gonna play this on my PC so much, oh yeah, baby!

XanderZane1175d ago

I'm going to play it on my Xbox One. Beat the game 2-3 times and then 10 months later, I'll get it for my PC on Steam for $10 and then play and beat it again while comparing it to the XBox One version. Greatness is coming.... Can't wait for E3 to get here. It's going to be interesting and fun this year.

umair_s511175d ago

Was that just me me or did we see some actual in-engine footage ?

its_JEFF1175d ago

I doubt it. If the game looked that good, you better believe they're gonna tell you it's in-engine right at the beginning. Even though the term in-engine means nothing theses days. I feel like this TR will be open world, currently the best looking open world game just released, the Witcher 3, and that game is beautiful and doesn't look as good as this trailer on PC. So probably just a CG thing.

PistolsAtDawn1175d ago

Hell yeah...E3 this year is gonna be awesome!!!

iliimaster1175d ago

lol funny man i cant wait for this game i gotta get me one of those cool chairs so i can do that for the midnight release

testo61175d ago

let's see how they do against Uncharted 4
Can´t wait...

testo61175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

btw can´t wait for the Definitive edition on ps4 :)

proudxgamer1175d ago

Y? Hate or make dumb calm...go pay a Indie game and show off that....or better yet play 6hours of 1886=== press X Square and fight the big bad Werewolf.. .

Automatic791175d ago

This game looks fantastic.

Berenwulf1174d ago

The trailer is not that good in my opinion! That's why I am not that hyped right now, I hope they show some cool gameplay at E3! But yeah you're right can't wait to E3! :)

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VER1ON1175d ago

Must say I'm I feel a bit let down by it, nice visuals but a lot of CGI work there

tablecloth1175d ago

How can you not see the difference between a CGI made trailer and in game.

badz1491175d ago

so many BS too! those are solid ice pouring over her, not soft snow but SOLID ICE BLOCKS! her head should have been crushed easy yet she still hangs on without even any scratch let alone heavy injury like it should!

hamburgerhill1175d ago

Well if UC can get away with climbing all type of walls along with AC why not lol? One day will get a truly realistic game.

Griever1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

LOL. I was looking at that scene with a O_o expression as well. How can she, especially being a scrawny girl, be able to hold on with that much solid and heavy ice falling on her head.

Dlacy13g1175d ago

OK, you guys are funny. "OMG that is so unbelievable! Yes because prior to this trailer Tomb Raider was totally believable!" /s Fiction ...its called FICTION and with Fiction you get a way with somethings you wouldn't in real life. It allows us to make stories like Tomb Raider, Uncharted and even their major inspiration from movies Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you think the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark or Uncharted are believable then I have a magic lamp I would like to sell you.

4Sh0w1175d ago

Yeah most of the action set pieces that happen in games like Tomb Raider and Uncharted are not realistic. Hell why single those games out, pfft 99% of videogames are unrealistic.

badz1491175d ago

being unrealistic is one thing but it's raining solid ice blocks! that's not unrealistic, that's DUMB!

gangsta_red1175d ago

OMG, I can't believe a video game is being so unrealistic!

hamburgerhill1175d ago

Like it's unheard of to want a game although fictional to still feel somewhat realistic. You guys are hilarious! You can't give an honest opinion on anything without people thinking you're attacking there wet dream lol.

gangsta_red1175d ago

You're right, I felt the same way when I saw a CG trailer of Kratos fighting Zeus or climbing out of hell. NO WAY I yelled!

hamburgerhill1175d ago

You probably yelled because you believe in power rangers. Speaking of the rangers I'm sure you saw the short film created a few months back. Yeah you know the one with a more gritty realistic approach? But let me guess... you prefer the kiddie version. Smh

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nucky641175d ago

I don't feel let down - it seems like uncharted with a female lead.....and that's not a terrible thing.
from what the original TR started out as, tomb raider today has changed completely.

beerzombie1174d ago

Uncharted is a Tomb raider game with a male lead.

nucky641174d ago

wow, 13 disagrees on a legit comment - the nuts are sure falling out of this tree!

Eonjay1175d ago

At the end it says watch the 'World Premiere...' so this is basically another teaser trailer.

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Septic1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

This is not a gameplay trailer. :/

Ah seen the OP note.

I expect similar visuals to the last game to be honest. Nothing mind blowing. The gameplay is what I'm interested in the most (although I suspect they'll stick to the same formula with the Uncharted/open world hybrid).

Malphite1175d ago

Yep. Was excited about gameplay when I read the titel.

But I agree with you that the graphics probably won't be that great. Not sure why they decided to bring it to Xbox 360 as well. That console is almost ten years old. Maybe they tried to compensate the missing PS4 and PC sales with the 360 version even though I git'll come to those platforms eventually.

Septic1175d ago

Yeah its annoying. The last gen is like an anchor for these titles. Its just dragging them down. Disappointing but then again, the game can still be brilliant.

Hercules1891175d ago

Crystal Dynamic has nothing to do with the 360 version. The xbox one version will look next gen enough.

freshslicepizza1175d ago

yeah i didn't see much gameplay either, cool that it takes place in the mountains and snow though.

monkeyDzoro1175d ago

Square Enix and Gameplay Trailer don't go well in the same sentence.
Those guys like their CGI trailer. Them and Ubisoft. I really don't understand why...

rainslacker1175d ago

I'd be fine with the same game play. First one had it down pretty well. Maybe tune up the parts where enemies could see and shoot you with pinpoint accuracy from across the map.

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paranoid19711175d ago

How did this get approved when there is NO gameplay at all?

VER1ON1175d ago

You're right there, typo but got approved before I could edit. Hench the update OP and made a ticket to correct it. Apologies