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Neil writes "I’d much rather sit down, have a nice relaxing time and enjoy what I’m playing through, normally without the stress that lining up that killer shot brings. But The New Order was a bit of a surprise as it was not only a bloody good playthrough, but most definitely on the contenders list for my 2014 GOTY.

So when I heard that Bethesda and MachineGames were coming back with a standalone expansion/content add on, my ears pricked up and I took a great deal of notice."

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oKidUKo1240d ago

I don't mind my FPS games but Wolfy just didn't connect with me in the New Order so I'm doubtful I'll give this a go. If this has less story then that's a downside for me.

IamTylerDurden11240d ago

The New Order was my FPS of the yr and i felt the story was one of the best and most surprising aspects. I adore Machine games and what they did with the Wolfenstein franchise.

The Old Blood is like a Machine Games version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and it's more pulp action/grindhouse style oriented. I thought it was a fantastic 10hr thrill ride with a platinum trophy, worth every penny. Love the return of the occult aspects to Wolfenstein.

iistuii1240d ago

I think it's a great game, so much fun. Platinum, wow, it's too hard for me on uber...

WizzroSupreme1240d ago

The Old Blood is just beautiful proof that old-shool shooters rock and can rock if studios give 'em a chance again. And my, this is an expansion that just keeps giving at 6-8 hours. Worth the price.

IamTylerDurden11240d ago

Ppl need to buy this full game, at 19.99 ur crazy not to. It is a full sp game.

Kurt Russell1239d ago

Old blood is a great playthrough, picked it up for a tenner and not at all disappointing. Both this and New Order are worth every penny.