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Since the beginning, there has been the Tower. At the top of the Tower, a Dragon. Climbing the Tower, a Woman. That’s the basic premise of Toren, and as much as we can share without spoiling the story. You take on the role of the Woman, whose destiny it is to ascend the Tower and defeat the Dragon. The who, what, and why are revealed through a pretty enjoyable narrative journey. It’s also a really fun narrative journey.

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Pastorfuzz1240d ago

I played it and it was good for a $9 game. it does have some bugs, but what doesn't now days.

IamTylerDurden11240d ago

7/10 is a legit and deserved score for Toren imo.

I love that PS4 gets these interesting games that u don't see on xbone. All of the great releases like SOMA and Rapture it's great.

MilkMan1240d ago

interesting ideas downright assassinated by horrible game design and execution.. game is more like a 3/10 for me. many more creative, fun, inventive and well put together games out there, rather than be struggling with this.