The truth about Youtube - Children is taking over Youtube

I (Robin Ek The Gaming Ground) has watched Youtube videos since 2005. And i think it´s safe to say that the Youtube demographic landscape has changed a lot over time.

Let´s just say that it´s no coincidence that Youtubers such as "Pewdiepie" and "Smosh" has become huge Youtube stars (childish content for little kids). And why is that? It´s because children has taken over Youtube. It´s even said that 30% of the top channels on Youtube (right now) are literally channels for little babies.

And this is my (Robin Ek The Gaming Ground) take on this subject.

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Snookies121269d ago

I take it whoever wrote this article learned English as a second language. Also, they're writing about a subjective matter and acting as if it's a fact. I don't care whether or not you like Pewdiepie or some of these others YouTubers... Saying that their content is specifically for 'little kids' is once again subjective. It is in no way a factual statement just because you yourself don't find the material to be entertaining.

TGG_overlord1269d ago

Yes, it´s my second language. I never stated it as fact, i gave my thoughts on it. And it's quite obvious for anyone that uses Youtube nowadays.

Are you kidding me? It was never a matter if the content was entertaining or not. It was a matter of the shifting demographic landscape on Youtube.

People can watch whatever they want. And i got nothing personal against Pewdiepie whatsoever. But let´s be honest shall we, that´s the direction that Youtube is taking now.

SolidStoner1269d ago

children have way more power.. N4G is like infected with them.. so much nonsense they say.. disagrees and so on.. all internet is infected with children.. we have to act now.. or we all will get stupid and misinformed!

SpringHeeledJack1269d ago

That's why the ads on their videos are a waste of time since kids don't have the money or interest to buy the products. The party will end for these idiot youtubers one day. A lot of more mature commentators have disappeared as their viewers have gone to the likes pewdeepie.

Gohadouken1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Not really , advertising actually works pretty well on kids . Add in peer pressure and or hype , they'll make the parent purchase stuff they dont need .

Just look a the mobile market

kreate1268d ago

TGG is actually right.
if u have kids, u'll understand.

the rest of the ppl moved onto other video streaming services.

children love those youtube videos. and they are able to watch boring ones like the Disney collector.

if u want to make money, just make videos of ur children playing with the latest toys, and it will be a guaranteed hit. man I should do it myself...

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battletrax1269d ago

At least youtube isn't overun by Grandpa's. Telling us to go outside instead of playing video games. Because back in there day they didn't have fancy internet machines. If you were bored you played with BB guns and shoot eyes out.

kneon1268d ago

When I was a kid we did play with BB guns, you can only play pong for so long before you get bored.

And we could even walk down the street carrying them without worrying about a SWAT team showing up.

JoeDaniel1269d ago

This guy is beyond illiterate, I bet it's not even a language barrier thing...

rainslacker1268d ago

Little kids may not be accurate. People who enjoy immature content would be pretty reasonable though. I never understood the appeal of watching these people. Some YT personalities are OK though.

I don't believe that the references cited here are indicative of the entire user base or content creators of YT, just an option that exists for those that do enjoy it.

To each their own I say. we're not required to watch any video we don't want to. My biggest problem with YT is that after all these years they still can't have a decent search engine to look up videos.

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Roccetarius1269d ago

I fear the day where people like Pewdiepie isn't creating new videos, because they'll be unleashing the not so wanted people on the rest of the internet.

danowat1269d ago

Children is taking over, all your base are belong to us.

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