Edge Online: Console Sales In-Depth Analysis - June NPD In-Depth

Edge Online writes: "After more than a year and a half, Sony's PlayStation 3 has earned a moment in the sun: a non-holiday month selling over 400,000 systems and the exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 at #1. In this month's analysis we look at:

-How MGS4 affected PS3 sales, along with MGS sales figures from the PS1 to the present
-How the Xbox 360 price cut could affect hardware sales in the near term
-The timing of Nintendo's successful software strategy
-An indication of how the industry might hit $25 billion for the year

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power of Green 3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

I was just watching(3 minutes ago) some new Resident Evil 5 footage from G4's E3 coverage and I was thinking to myself WTF happend to this? it looked much better the other day(NO JOKE) and then I seen prompts to hit PS3 buttons. For real R5 looks like Sh8t on the PS3 its missing so much and is very bland.

On topic MGS4 was the Halo of the PS3 lol.

juuken3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

This is not about games you dumbf*ck. How about reading the article for a change instead of talking about things that are off-topic?

The 360 needs a real pricecut and soon, otherwise it's going to plummet to third place. But knowing Microsoft, they'll never do that because they're too busy trying to bag exclusives instead of focusing on first party and reasonable pricecuts.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3771d ago

The PS3 is a console which will decimate the competition with strong first party titles and hardware reliablity for the years to come.


Snukadaman3771d ago

on that stack of 6 mattresses you have since you massive girth cant hold up a regular bed frame.

juuken3771d ago

Damn Snuka...those fat jokes again?
Oh man, I am so wounded! Bring those jokes on dude, I love hearing about them. :)

Speaking of bed, you should be in bed. It's actually morning on my side of the world. :)

Voiceofreason3771d ago

@1.2.. Man you just brought back some memories. I remember hearing that same thing from GC fans last gen. BTW it was lame when they used it too.

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PoSTedUP3771d ago

moved over 1m consoles so far. its probably at 1.5m now and still counting.... thats awesome.

sonarus3771d ago

I wonder why a UK site is dealing with NPD sales data.

Product3771d ago

Nintendo is raping the competition.............and also its hardcore fan base.

SL1M DADDY3771d ago

I fear it is due to the hardcore folks that did not step up and purchase the last two Nintendo consoles that have turned them into what they are today. Mad World and Dead Rising will be nice additions to No More Heros and the like but honestly, I blame the same crowd that Ninty is turning their backs on for what Nintendo has become today. They just decided to go with their bread and butter this time... The casuals.

Rute3771d ago

The hardcore fan base of Nintendo isn't enough to keep them in the business. If Nintendo had made an expensive console similar to PS3 and Xbox360, the company would have failed. Three similar consoles cannot coexist because of the low numer of hardcore gamers and high costs in software developing.

It's foolish to blame Nintendo for doing the only thing it could do to succeed.


juuken vs power of Green...........

I dont need to watch comedy central on my t.v or dig out my old Laurel and Hardy dvd's with you guys.

The way you play off each other is hilarious - your timing (the hardest and most crucial part of comedy) is nigh on perfect.

Abbot and Costello
Laurel and Hardy
Steptoe and Son
Mayall and Edmonson
juuken and power of Green........

Its like juuken's waiting in the PS3 section waiting for POG to post then BAM shes their with a reply and vice versa with POG.........

Bubbles to you both - no seriously

JEDI WOLVERINE3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

"The PS3 is a console which will decimate the competition with strong first party titles and hardware reliablity for the years to come. "

I think your sentence structure is a little off - here let me help you with what you were trying to say......

"The PS3 is a console which will be decimated by the competition.Its hardly reliable and you will have to wait for years for the first party titles to come"

I think that clears it up.

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