The Days of Standard Texturing Are Numbered

VGChartz's Mikara Nakamura: "From the early days of 3D use in games, developers the world over have almost unanimously defaulted to dressing 3D objects in 2D texture data; a labor-intensive process that translates to heavy resource usage on games consoles and large portions of disk space both on optical media and installed to a system's internal memory. In this article I'm going to give you a sneaky peek at how this will all change in future games.

This long-standing tradition is on the brink of change. As hardware has advanced, the engines which run on it has done so in tandem, giving birth to new technologies and features in new engines and graphics API. One of the newest developments has been physically-based shaders, which have lent a hand in creating some stunningly realistic visuals on systems such as Epic Games' Unreal Engine."

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