10 facts you might not know about Final Fantasy VIII

Taringa: Final Fantasy VIII is now 16 years old and is still one of my favorite games in this great Japanese roleplaying saga. The story of love, fantasy, and magic featuring Squall and Rinoa in a futuristic environment was one of Squaresoft's great successes on the original PlayStation. Today, we count 10 fun facts you may not know about Final Fantasy VIII.

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Splatoon1213d ago

Never liked Rinoa and the Draw system was boring. The music was good and the parts you get to play as Laguna were pretty good though. Overall I'd give this game a 6.5/10.

*Squall and Laguna: They are the only good characters In this game.
*Music: Probably the best music of the PS1 era of FF games.
*Triple Triad: It was more fun than the main game.

*Story: It was was confusing mess involving time travel and evil sugar puff monsters.
*Zell and Rinoa: Weak, annoying and just characters you never grow to care about.
*The World: An empty feeling world full of boring locations.
*The Draw system: Standing around draining magic from enemies was boring and could actually lead to you being on LV 100 really early.
*The train mission: Nothing-NOTHING-in gaming is more tedious than Rinoa explaining how you will be carrying out the stupid train mission. It is longer than the actual mission.

There are other things I like/dislike about this game (mostly dislike) but these are my main gripes with this game.

JetP06191212d ago

Music definitely was the best of final fantasy ps1 era. The draw system was decent, it wasnt boring, It was unique. All characters were good, it's just in a way most of them were supporting for the main and were huge part in Squall's change of heart in the later parts of the game. The story wasnt confusing at all :S
(you're probably thinking of kingdom hearts when you said confusing lol)
What's wrong with the train mission? I personally thought it was exciting and intense at the same time. Also this game at the time was the closest thing we had to reality, it had trains, cars, hotels, schools, foods like hotdogs, card games, libraries, bands, modern day vehicles and more. There were so many things I loved about this game and so many things I could relate into. This was basically fantasy based on reality back then which final fantasy 15 is trying to do just on a grander scale.