Gamestyle Review: Battlefield: Bad Company

Gamestyle writes: "As you try to protect your gold bullion from the advances of the opposition team, an enemy tank rolls into your base. As you run for cover the tank takes aim and fires. The blast knocks your health down to almost nothing. Luckily, as you make it around the corner, one of your team mates is hiding in the same place. He could give you a health pack. You ask for a health pack. No reply. You ask really nicely. Still no reply. You yell into your headset, unimpressed by this idiots refusal to hand over the goods. Still nothing. You do a little dance hoping to draw their attention to your plight and get the health boost you so desperately need. Sadly, your idiotic dancing only attracts an enemy sniper who finishes you off with a single shot. Welcome to the highly frustrating world of Battlefield: Bad Company."

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