The Armchair Empire Review: And Then There Were None

The Armchair Empire writes: " There was a time – around 1993 – when gamers couldn't get enough of the point & click mystery adventure game. Myst was the biggest-selling game around on the PC. The 7th Guest and the Tex Murphy franchise were similar games in the genre. But that was then, and now, in 2008, that particular type of game has long been surpassed in its popularity, and PC gaming is no longer as relevant as it was in the early 1990s.
Somehow, however, there's still a gaming developer and publisher that believes that the world is ready for a point & click mystery adventure game renaissance, because not once but twice in the last three years developer AWE Games and publisher DreamCatcher Interactive/The Adventure Company has released a game in the genre based on an Agatha Christie novel, And Then There Were None."

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