Splatoon Review - What Were They Inking? | Escapist

The surprise announce of last year's E3, Splatoon is Nintendo's quirky entry into the modern shooter genre. Combining the kind of ranked progression play you see in Call of Duty with an odd territory control gimmick, it's an unlikely game that pulls of a win despite the odds. You control an inkling, a person who can turn into a double-fast ink swimming squid and back, spreading ink of your color using spraying tools like guns and rollers. Ink of other colors hurts and slows you down, or causes you to splat into an explosion of ink - only to later respawn. It's a vaguely nonviolent take on the genre friendly to those who don't traditionally like shooters - in fact, it might be one of the only all ages, family-friendly shooters I can think of. The game focuses on fast-paced multiplayer battles, but delivers a single player experience that's not to be scoffed at. Ultimately, it'll be a game that many people enjoy in three minute to one hour bursts, not marathon sessions, and it exceeds all expectations for anyone who wants a shooter experience without shooter baggage. Or a shooter experience on the Wii U, period.

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