Eurogamer Review: Elefunk

Eurogamer writes: "With a hat collection of extreme repute, logic suggests Ellie would be the best reviewer for the job of critically eviscerating Elefunk. But then again, how many Sly and the Family Stone and Funkadelic records does Ms Gibson own, hmm? None, that's how many. Yow! Good god! Hit me! Etc. Anyway, an initial glance places this latest quirky PSN puzzle offering somewhere between PC indie hit Pontifex and the mortal chaos of Lemmings, with the idea to construct bridges strong enough to carry the weight of freewheeling elephants with scant regard for their safety. Their funk credentials remain unproven, however."

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PoSTedUP3775d ago

at least "i" never played anything like it and thought it was really cool.

vasilisk3775d ago

It is cool and it's good. i bought this game 2 days ago and I can tell you it's very entertaining and very addictive. And for 4.99$ it's a steal...

paul_war3775d ago

For UK gmaers though:

$5 in the US
£5 in the UK

I was hoping for £3.50 at least, but £5 is just plain wrong.

vasilisk3775d ago

I'm from Europe but I bought it from the us store because it's way cheaper:)