PS2 Memory Card Turned into Flash Drive

So your PS2's all but relegated to the attic since you're tired of rocking to last-generation consoles. What about the numerous PS2 accessories and peripherals you have collected over the years? Surely the vast numbers of memory cards can be recycled into something useful? Here's an interesting mod for avid DIY fans among you - it teaches you how to turn an old PS2 Memory Card into a USB flash drive. You will need a screwdriver, some sticky tape and dremel and a USB flash drive to transfer its innards over. Simple and effective!

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GodsHand3796d ago

IMO, that's pretty lame. I could easily convert my coke bottle to a flash drive, or even my cell phone. It's not differnt then buying a hardrive and making it external by adding a case to it. But, if you got nothing else better to do, then do it. People still buy PS2 brand stuff used.

Menchi3796d ago

This is a little... Pointless?
You're essentially, wasting a perfectly fine memory card, and pretty much shoving a perfectly fine flash drive into a "cool" case...

Tempist3796d ago

It's not a waste when your PS3 is doubling as a PS2 (80/60GB models).

Actually this is comical AND practical. very creative thinking.

thebudgetgamer3796d ago

my 2600 still get the occasional play

SilPho3796d ago

I don't think you read it right, what you have to do is rip apart a normal flash drive in order to stick it in the memory card case.

So essentially this is, as Menchi says, utterly pointless.

supaman900s3796d ago

So much 4 reading articles before you comment them.

CrazzyMan3796d ago

1Gb memory card for PS2... awesome.)

mjones19943796d ago

If you want a usb memory stick buy one they are cheaper and you get lodes more memory

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