Portal: Still Alive Explained

There is much confusion over what exactly Portal: Still Alive, an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release of Valve's excellent platformer-thing, is. After all, it was announced amazingly vaguely during Microsoft's E3 press conference, and there was little followup. So Remowned asked Valve's Doug Lombardi, and he explained it to them.

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Mc Fadge3798d ago

That's pretty slack I reckon :/

I've completed the Flash Version and the Free Map Pack version. Definitely great, but Microsoft touted this as some great new developed levels exclusively for the Xbox 360, which it isn't.

I want to see the price on this, then we can discuss the situation further

TheMurderer3798d ago

Microsoft didn't so much brag about their new full portal game, as much as they announced that Still Alive exists, and that it's exclusive to the 360. If it tries to come on for more than 800 MS points, then no thank you. :(

Fishy Fingers3798d ago

How can they justify charging console gamers for content that was free on the PC?

TheIneffableBob3798d ago

It's Microsoft.
They do things like this.

QueefyB3798d ago

wow another microsoft ripoff when will they end

QueefyB3798d ago

once portal 2 is announced as a playstation 3 exclusive that is when gamers will be able to experience true hi definition graphics thanks to the powerful cell broadband engine and rsx

TheMurderer3798d ago

"True High Definition"? High def is high def. 1080p is 1080p, my friend. Sure, the Cell processor is a BEAST, but the limited RAM on the PS3 holds it back (RSX isn't that big of a deal, either). The 360's processor is less powerful, sure, but more RAM means it's capable of handling a bigger load.

Also! Haven't you noticed that Valve doesn't really like the PS3? Left4Dead is going only to the 360 and PC. Valve worked on the 360 and PC versions of the Orange Box, and had some other (unproven) company work on the PS3 version, which came out with many many many problems. It's just the way things are.

QueefyB3798d ago

i think they will make the announcement at leipzig

caffman3798d ago

that the best orange box console experience was on PS3.

oh wait

thats because it wasn't

TheMurderer3798d ago

And on what do you base this glorious knowledge?

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