Who Innovates?

Dan, Joe and their special guest Martini talk about who in the gaming industry actually innovates!? Martini talks about his feelings on E3, and briefly talk about annual releases.

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GreetingsfromCanada1291d ago

The most innovative thing to come out in the last decade is the nemesis system and even that isn't all that impressive in my opinion. So to answer your question, no one really.

Poli_Games1291d ago

I have to totally agree with you. None of the big 3 really innovates at this moment. I think it is the smaller developers and indie devs that actually go out on a limb to do something different and then the big publishers just copy them after the fact.

98xpresent1291d ago

The controllers of this generation are innovative.

Poli_Games1291d ago

I think that controllers have really plateaued since the six generation. I think that in a future podcast we're going to talk about the controllers of this generation. I think they're all a bit flawed. With the dualshock 4 controller's analog sticks chipping apart after little use and the R2 button breaking (I've gone through 2 DS4 controllers atm) The Xbox controller i feel took a step back from the 360 controller. Lastly the Wii U controller has to be the most ambitious it just feels so cheap though, like its a fisher price product.

johndoe112111291d ago

"I've gone through 2 DS4 controllers atm"
I don't care what anyone says, to go through 2 DS4's in a year and a half, yo have to be ill treating them. I'll give you the rubber on the thumbsticks but not chipping, and to break the r2 buttons on two controllers? You're using it wrong.

I have 158 people on my friends list, out of that 70 of them have ps4's. Not one of them have broken the shoulder buttons. What the heck are you people doing with your controllers?

Poli_Games1291d ago

You know the usual dropping them off buildings. Rage throwing them around my house when i get teabagged in destiny. But in all seriousness i treat my tech really well. I keep em clean, keep them in a designated place on my desk so they don't accidentally fall. Maybe its just my bad luck. Yet, i am looking into getting some protection for the analog sticks. Any suggestions?

rainslacker1290d ago

GameStop sells some caps. Can't remember the brand, no one I ever heard of, and they work pretty well. I got a set after one of my DS4's finally succumbed to the rubber peeling during my plat attempt for DOA5 in training mode, not too long after it went out of warranty.:(

They seem a bit off due to their size, but over time they form a little bit to your fingers and become rather comfortable.

DillyDilly1291d ago

Batman innovates the innovators

DaGodKing1291d ago

nintendo because they try to be differnt ( even if it doesnt work all the time) and they had the most influence on the video game industry..

d-pad,analog,rumble ,wireless with rumble,motion ,dual screen,glassed free 3d,(i personally like the wiiu controller)..
world wide recognizable characters...

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The story is too old to be commented.