Every Detail Revealed About ARK: Survival Evolved, The Open World Dino Game

Let's take a special look at the upcoming open world dinosaur game, ARK: Survival Evolved. Check out the video below for details about ARK: Survival Evolved's multiplayer gameplay, base building, crafting, leveling and much more!

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Peace_Love_and_FPS1268d ago

Think I might pick it up Tuesday when it arrives on early access

Cyfyxtfg1267d ago

I lowkey shed a few tears of joy. I love dinosaurs and they seem to have everything just right. I hope it plays like this at launch. Evrything perfect i just hope they can up the player count later 100 is good now tho.

_-EDMIX-_1268d ago

Wonder if it will release in time on PS4 to work with Morpheus day 1 or if it will be added later after release.

Keeping my eye out for this game. Looks great.

Eonjay1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

OMG. That would be AWESOME on VR. See this is what I am talking about.

The Developer on Project Morpheus:

"That’s what got us so excited about bringing ARK to VR! Seeing these massive beasts up close and riding them in VR (in first person) is really special. The scale of depth you can experience is so much greater than most other games, and lifting off on your pteranodon to head toward the skies feels like a huge rush of adrenaline."

abstractel1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Hmm, the PS4 pushing this game at 60fps at 1920x1080p (it achieves 120 fps with reprojection)... expect a downgrade. Up to date PCs will probably be able to run it, but I don't know if Rift uses reprojection or if you have to hit 90fps which is its spec for recommended viewing. Keep your expectations a little bit in check. Hitting 60fps will get "easier" as developers get used to the hardware.

This game definitely seems like it would be really fun in VR though.

BitbyDeath1268d ago

Morpheus would be great but some of the game designs would make it a very... strange experience.

Day 101, still trapped in a cage. I want to go home now.

xTheMercenary_1268d ago

Straight heart attack if you turn around and see the T-rex running straight at you using morpheus or VR.

Kavorklestein1268d ago

Agreed. Looks like my next must have game for sure.

jb2271268d ago

It beat the Division all to hell for me as soon as he said there'd be singleplayer....definitely be keepin my eyes peeled for this en

DillyDilly1268d ago

This would make for an easy Jurassic Park mod

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The story is too old to be commented.