Bioshock 'Eyes-On' Preview by PSU

PSU was able to gain a glimpse at the upcoming PS3 edition of Bioshock, and writer David Wales says that he felt that even though the game has been given a year of wiggle room, what he saw of the PS3 version is like an entirely redesigned game.

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rroded3770d ago

This sounds almost too good been at the edge bout bying the pc or 360 version as my friend who was going to lend it to me never seems able to part with it. (needless to say hes not seeing our mgs4 lol)
The pc version looks pretty attractive offering more for less but our pc prob would put out a worst picture than the 360 version. Now Im thinking this looks well worth the wait even at 60 bucks.
ps You guys think theres any chance of a multiplayer online mode on this one or even 2?

arika3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

i'm sold.... gonna buy this on day one. it's a good thing i haven't played this GORGEOUS GAME yet... this is going to be SWEET!

Superfragilistic3770d ago

Enjoy mate. It's a truly awesome experience... even if the finale fails to live up to the awesomeness that precedes it.

thereapersson3770d ago

I'm going to purchase a second copy for my PS3. It's good to know that the developers are able to design a competent version of this AAA title for the PS3. 2K Boston will get my hard earned gaming dollars when this game drops!

beavis4play3770d ago

i was on the fence about this but i'm hearing only good news on the game, so, i figure to pick this up. already played on the pc but i like the idea of the puzzle areas.

titntin3770d ago

This game was simply awesome on the 360 and one of the best gaming experiences I had last year. It trully deserved the remarkable scores it got.

It great to see a developer take the time to polish an already excellent title and make it even better on a new platform. It may have taken a while for it to reach the Ps3, but it looks like there are some pay offs for being late to the party. Its looking so good I'm considering getting it on Ps3 too and have another play through... :)

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The story is too old to be commented.