Bloodborne Was the Most Downloaded Game in Japan Last Month; PlayStation Games Dominate Top 10

With the advent of the PS4, Japanese gamers have been opening to digital download quite a lot more than with the previous generation, and this week the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu published the rankings for digital download games in the month of April.

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Rimeskeem1269d ago

At least the Vita is a live somewhere

WildArmed1269d ago

Just picked up Oreshika last week during the sale.

Addicted to my PSVita again... and here I thought I was finally going to make some progress on my P4G run.

MegaRay1269d ago


As long as Atlas and bandai namco (along with other publishers) keep localizing games, ill be happy.

dantesparda1268d ago

Fix the damn frame pacing on Bloodborne, Sony!

kraenk121268d ago

how about adressing the ones responsible..the developers.

DarkOcelet1269d ago

I gotta admit thats pretty awesome. Deserves all the sales its getting.

Its a bloody masterpiece!

TrollityTroll1269d ago

Pity they made the platinum such a slog though, for the Yarnham trophy.
Toughest parts were up to (and including) Father Gascoigne and slogging through the dungeons from Defiled Chalice on.
Those dungeons took a bit of the shine off the game for me.
Otherwise outstanding, totally different to the "wrap you in cotton wool" games of today, truly unforgiving where even the most menial of enemies can still take you out if you're careless. Still had to cheese Ebreitas though :(

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FITgamer1269d ago

Deserves it. It's a great game and it was actually playable at launch, unlike some other big titles. My favorite game so far this gen.

Kurisu1269d ago

230k for Bloodborne, pretty impressive sales for Japan. Finally getting the games that they've been waiting for.

Knushwood Butt1269d ago

Fairly conclusive proof that Nintendo's digital sales are insignificant.

Griever1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

There isnt a single Nintendo game in that list. Yet their fans continue to use that digital sales excuse for every Nintendo sales flop or underperformer. Most recently, the excuse was used for XCX. How can digital sales on a console that has just 32GB FLASH storage and no unified account system be significant in any way? It is against all common sense and logic. However, Nintendo fans use ambiguity and lack of figures by Nintendo to their advantage to continue to believe what they feel is true. Some even believe that Nintendo's digital sales are higher than Sony's without any proof to back it up. Pure delusion.

gokuking1269d ago

Storage space means absolutely little. Vita games make a regular appearance on that chart and that handle ships with just 1GB, with additional storage costing a pretty penny.

Knushwood Butt1269d ago

Yeah, agreed. Will be interesting to see this chart next month.

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The story is too old to be commented.