DICE explains what it's bringing to Star Wars Battlefront


"With a release date penciled in for November, the hype for Star Wars Battlefront is beginning to reach fever pitch. We already know DICE is scanning actual film props for Star Wars Battlefront and has made it clear Star Wars Battlefront is more of a reboot than a continuation of Pandemic's PS2 instalment. In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, the team sits down with design director Niklas Fegraeus to discuss what it was like to bring the 'new' Star Wars saga to life."

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sonicsidewinder1292d ago

Bringing tonnes of DLC no doubt.

leogets1292d ago

Dam right.. how awesome 😀

SolidStoner1291d ago

PREMIUM.. BATTLELOG.. << all this is what ruins this type of games...

Premium is for retards who dont understand they are getting robbed!

Battlelog is for retards who dont understand that it is made for clicks and commercials....

when will developers and publishers get it that free support for your games and easy setup and customization in game itself is what makes people happy, they will comment more positive and sale number will be twice as big....

I really hope for the best for battlefront... but after playing Battlefield 3 (it was with one time only online pass code) what a rubbish... in Battlefield 4 they got rid of it.. but thats the only improvement they made for BF4... and after Hardline.. (small maps, limited amount of guns.. Premium, battlelog...) well it seems they are heading in wrong direction!

Findingcrybabies1291d ago

bringing 53 patches after they release it so broken you can hardly play it. It will be half way functional a year or 2 after release about the time the sequel is getting ready to drop.

dreamed1291d ago

So sad but so true.....:(

SolidStoner1291d ago

yeah... BF4 got playable only this year.. after almost 2 years... what a stupid thing to do!

gbonez1291d ago

wow once again, any "news" on this game has no new information. everything in this article has already been known

swishersweets200311291d ago

i'll just wait for it to be 30$ on sale at