BioWare Still Working on Story Content for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, has revealed that BioWare is still working on story content for the game.

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breakpad1212d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

what story ?? the best they can offer these people in Bioware is a documentary with bestiality sex scenes

SoulMikeY1211d ago

Word, lol.

Maybe all the Ps4 users I know would care if they didn't hold back the last DLC til after Witcher dropped. But alas, no one gives a fat f***, Witcher makes Dragon Age look like a story-less children's game.

700p1211d ago

Well im a huge bioware fan and even though im enjoying witcher 3 a lot, im more of a dragon age fan than witcher fan so ill gladly purchase another dlc for it.

tablecloth1211d ago

I find it hard to get back into DAI especially after the Witcher 3, it feels like it wont age well. Have yet the urge to buy the last DLC, maybe if they release something Witch Hunt but bigger.

Godmars2901211d ago

So many snark replies that can be made here.

And yet, Bioware, you honestly aren't worth anymore effort than this.

Joel22111211d ago

Yeah I have to agree with everyone, after playing the Witcher 3 I cant go back at the moment to DA. What was not so smart was releasing this when the Witcher came out instead of when the Xbox one DLC came out. I understand that they had a contract but even releasing the week before the Witcher came out I would of probably bought it.

kraenk121211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Same with me...sadly I will never be able to finish DAI after playing TW3...hence the DLCs.

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