Saudi Arabia Creates Islamic Rating System for Video Games. Seeking to Ban Multiple Titles

TheArabGamer writes: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have put together an Islamic rating system for video games."

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itsjustexuma1291d ago

Wow those gamers are going to miss out on very good games like The Last of Us, Final Fantasy games and The Order: 1880

Massacred1291d ago

I tend not to like to jump in on other countries politics, but this, to me, seems a tad Orwellian. Not the rating board, which could simply be there to create awareness, but the outright banning of titles.

diesoft1291d ago

Yes, a country who actually employs people to be vice cops and arrest women if they're sitting too close to a man is definitely going too far with banning video game titles. ;p

Seriously, they need to loosen up.

Exari1291d ago

good thing they cant ban games from the ps store... i think..

Septic1291d ago

We need to respect the beliefs of other states but at the same time, Saudi Arabia needs to provide transparency for the decision making process, not just an outright blanket ban.

Also, realistically, I think this will be difficult to enforce because of digital distribution.

Freedomland1290d ago


You don’t know what you are talking about.

Seriously, ignorance is bliss.

diesoft1290d ago

@Freedomland LOL apparently it is. Thanks for reminding me that too many people on this site are...special.

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kasser1290d ago

I am a Saudi and Last of Us was never banned.

Stallion1290d ago

>The Order: 1880

Please go, Sony marketing team.

DarkOcelet1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

That means The Witcher 3 will be definitely be banned.

And so is 90% of Mature games. I think only COD will be the only Mature game there.

Thats not a good thing.

RashBandicoot1291d ago

That's funny cause there's actually an official Middle East version for the witcher 3 which featured censored stuff. But that came out before this new rating system so chances are it will get banned :P

DarkOcelet1291d ago

That's a big shame really. They are ruining gaming over there. In the end you will find only children game and sports title that will be there so WTF are they thinking?

sonic9891291d ago

honestly i am not affected .
i mainly play platformers and fun games, the sexual stuff in games always irritates me so i am glad if they could remove it especially the homo sexual crap .

RashBandicoot1291d ago

@DarkOcelet all I gotta say is thank god for digital distribution.

Massacred1291d ago

Couldn't Saudi Arabia block any instances of the games being downloaded over local networks as well though?

Smelly1sam1291d ago

This is the internet, there is always a way

MultiConsoleGamer1291d ago

Interesting story. Saudi Arabia is one of the most wealthy nations in the world. You would think they would have their own thriving video game industry.

RashBandicoot1291d ago

There a lot of indie developers but sadly the powers that be still fail to see the value in funding.

Septic1291d ago

Its their loss though because any tax breaks they have could invite a lot of developers there I reckon.

Grap1290d ago

Saudi arabia doesn't have taxes. So go fighure.

Pandamobile1291d ago

They may be wealthy, but their political system is still stuck 1000 years in the past.

Malacath1291d ago

Its a country that still executes people for black magic which any sane person knows doesn't exist.
So not surprising really.

gangsta_red1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Making and playing video games may not be a very popular hobby or business out that way.

I always wondered why other countries that are 1st world and do have strong tech base don't produce more video game developers.

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Nonscpo1291d ago

Hooray for censorship, remember if the government doesn't step in or a politically slanted organization to rate games, then who will be out there thinking about the children...I mean women!

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