X-Play Hands-On: Resistance 2 'Multiplayer'

X-Play had a chance to play Resistance 2 multiplayer for about an hour at E3 2008 and it's looking good. They believe they were playing against bots, but if they were human opponents, X-Play wrecked them. This, unfortunately, does not speak highly for the game's bot AI or Insomniac's play testers.

On the plus side, the game is incredibly fun. Insomniac has refined the core gameplay of Resistance multiplayer with weapon loadouts that create 'soft' classes. At the start of a round and between respawns you can select from different primary weapons and a single 'power' or 'perk'.

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ssbains3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

few months left to tweak the game. it would be great if they too had a beta for resistance 2.

Insomniac has not put a bad game out yet with Resistance Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction - both AAA titles. I trust they will do right.

QueefyB3769d ago

of course they have not put a bad game out yet they are ps3 only developers so they can not create a flop such as too human ninja gaiden and such

Cop_Boy3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

gears of war 2 , will murder this game ,,, nuff said ;)

ThatCanadianGuy3769d ago

Maybe graphically,and if so.Just barely

5vs5 MP and what is it 2 player co op?

doesnt beat

8 player co op.Im sorry,but it really doesnt.

Mc Fadge3769d ago

5 player co-op? MAY BE WRONG HERE FOLKS, can't remember, swear I heard it though O_o

But! I think Resistance will be more fun <333

And Cop-Boy:


PlayStation3603769d ago

it is 5 player co-op, but only for "Horde" mode. Players fight off wave, after wave of locust enemies.

Campaign, however, allows 2 player co-op.

1stKnighT3769d ago

"5vs5 MP and what is it 2 player co op?

doesnt beat


Than how do you explain the first Gears 4vs4 beating the first Resistance 20vs20??? The first Gears won every best multiplayer award for that year. It slaughtered Resistance.

ThatCanadianGuy3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Resistance 1 was lame as hell,i only played the multiplayer twice.
COD4 completly overshadowed it (for me anyways)

But R2 is gonna be great,it has a completly different 8 player co op campaign then single player,with perks,classes,squads,300ft monster(s)

its gonna be great,as will gears 2.Im just looking more forward to resistance 2

3769d ago
Tomdc3768d ago

Resistance 1 was my first fps I played and after buying games like COD4 since I still regard Resistance 1 as my favourite and the best.

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Shaka2K63769d ago

Looking forward to the best and most advanced Shooter of 2008 only on PS3.

QueefyB3769d ago

i completely agree i feel sorry for xbots they will never get to play this masterpiece

Meus Renaissance3769d ago

I'm not worried about the game's core features at all. This is Insomniac people, they never fail.

QueefyB3769d ago

wow did you see the lighting this is only possible with the cell

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3769d ago

The lighting is impressive indeed

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