The Witcher 3: Patch 1.04 and 1.05 Changes Detailed

Marcin Momot: "Hi everyone,

As you know we don't stop working to keep bringing you new updates - I just wanted to give you a heads-up of what to expect in the upcoming patch. The list below is a part of the change log for the 1.04/1.05. There will be a lot more fixes in the upcoming patch - here's the breakdown of the most requested changes:"

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aquaticDonut1211d ago

"Geralt will not longer interact with candles near chests and other interactive elements."

Thank Christ.

mikeslemonade1211d ago

Any changes or fixes made for the game breaking glitch in Baron quest. They should just take out this lame quest out of the game anyway.

Ezz20131211d ago

i love the game and it was running great unitl i went to Novigrad
and the too much stutter put me off
it's a shame since that's the only place with stutter
i wish they would fix that
PC version here

kraenk121211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


I feel sorry for you. The Baron quest is of the if not THE most groundbreaking quest line in gaming history and you don't even seem to get it.

Toiletsteak1211d ago


AgentSmithPS41211d ago

Candles were my most powerful enemy, but the worst taunting was done by the one loot container in a pile that couldn't be looted.

samchez771211d ago

I actually like being able to ignite/exstinguish the candles...........

Eidolon1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

But near a lootable object or main interactive object esp. during/near a fight could be quite annoying.

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Trekster_Gamer1211d ago

Too many 10/10 reviews for such a buggy game.
And statements like "this is to be expected on a game such as this is nothing but a copout.

The looks great and it fun but still...

WellyUK1211d ago

The game is massive, wtf do you expect. Skyrim had bugs upon bugs as long as they aren't game breaking then why should it impact the end score especially when the game barely has any major bugs...

Masterchief_thegoat1211d ago

skyrim was more buggy then witcher 3

ThatOneRiggaNob1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I'd agree with you if I wasn't currently unable to finish 3 quests (2 witcher contracts and 1 treasure hunt). The gsme is extremely massive and I understand that point but for the quests to be incompletabe is just too much. I expected it to have bugs but I didn't think it would be like this where it would basically block me from getting achievements. The game is still the best game to drop on these consoles in my book if you can overlook the bugs.

phantomexe1211d ago

I haven't been able to play the game for a week because my game wont load.I'd call that a game breaking bug. PS4 too

xTheMercenary_1211d ago

@Masterchief_thegoat Skyrim right now is still more buggy than the witcher 3 right now.

Viryu1211d ago

Unlike Skyrim, I've read how couple reviewers themselves said they've stumbled upon game breaking bugs.

Genuine-User1211d ago

Skyrim was a lot more buggy, but it was also built around a measly 456mb of RAM.

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Wii_nes_0071211d ago

Agreed. Too many people are wearing "New game eyes" and are not seeing all the game ending flaws. This is either willful ignorance or blinders over their eyes. You're absolutely right, it looks great but unplayable

Aenea1211d ago

Seen your video before and yes, I've noticed that too, but calling it unplayable is a bit much don't you think?

xTheMercenary_1211d ago

You cant confirm these are frame drops, this could be the stuttering issue when you rotate the camera. This vid, can you stop posting it lol, i see it on every witcher 3 article. I understand where you're coming from with this but for your sake and others hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Also i wouldn't call that "unplayable" i mean if it continues to happen every second when you're in game then i see why you're frustrated with the game.

Cernunnos1211d ago

I've encountered two minor bugs. That is it. Game otherwise works flawlessly for me. (PC)

wsoutlaw871211d ago

It gets 10s dispite minor bugs because it is one of the most ambitious games yet, and also one of the best game I've played. If its one of the best games, which this gen it is, then ya, its a 10. Most of these bugs are only seen by a cery few amount of people. There is no way you would release a game this size and not have bugs unless you are going to hire 1000000 testers. At least they are doing a great job of fixing them quickly.

Scatpants1211d ago

Since it's easily the best RPG I've ever played I don't mind the 10/10 reviews.

showtimefolks1211d ago

It's to be expected from such a huge game. CDPR deserve the benefit of the doubt. It's a true next gen experience and they will fix everything

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Cra2yey31211d ago

Gotta admit that was pretty awesome. The ending was very anti-climatic tho lol

ninjahunter1211d ago

Maybe he just has really strong legs.

eklektic1211d ago

Wtf! No major bugs? The fact npc's don't load in the main city is a major bug. And then half the time they fall thru the floor and pop in and out just like the monsters. And you get a error code while playing the card game. How about having to wait over a minute for everything to load in when you fast travel. Or you could just meditate every 5 minutes to make sure your not missing anything because that's fun right. Every one defending has got to have only put in like 20-30 hours. And haven't seen novingrad. Because that shit is unplayable unless you like standing around or walking every where or meditating constantly.

HammadTheBeast1211d ago

You playing on PC or console? Because I have had none of those problems on PS4, the fast travel takes less than 20s, and it's completely playable.

aquaticDonut1211d ago

As someone with over 78 hours in this game, including Novigrad, I have no idea what you're talking about.

wsoutlaw871211d ago

Lol what are you talking about? You honestly think you are the only to make it to novigrad here? And what about meditating?

HRoach6161211d ago

I haven't seen any of those issues on PS4. Fast travel times are under 20 seconds. I have at least 50-60 hours in so far. Only issues I've had have been patched out so far. Only thing I want is a slight frame rate upgrade, larger text size, and shorter load times after a death. Also sometimes To be able to talk to someone I have to walk up to them a few times.

But nothing is game breaking or unplayable by any means.

Also what do you mean by meditating? I don't see any issues whatsoever with that. You mentioned it twice so I'm assuming you experience something odd...

Cernunnos1211d ago

PC here, loading times are 3-4 seconds long for me.

bloodybutcher1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

My game time is 10 days and over 6 hours and the only quest glich i've encountered was in Novigrad, when you've to follow a scent and suddenly it says, that you've lost it and then can't go back to it. Others were minor and very few.

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WickedLester1211d ago

I wish they would allow us to harvest/loot while on horseback. It gets so annoying having to dismount every time I want pick something.

beerzombie1211d ago

and use magic from the horse.