Information about the New Xbox Experience

Here's all the information you need about the New Xbox Experience (AKA: the upcoming dashboard redesign).

The article deals with the actual dashboard, the guide button, avatars, and more.

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DarkSniper3797d ago

The new Xbox experience should be renamed to Xbox disaster. Their new dashboard looks like a tacked on version of the vastly superior Xross Media Bar, developed by the great minds at Sony. Microsoft's clunky interface has done the unthinkable. Being a worse product than it already was.

PLAYSTATION®3 is the only platform where you can experience an easy to use interface combined with unrivaled with a lineup of AAA games and a mature online community which provides the absolute best experience that gaming has to offer.

The gaming industry has no room for imitators. Which is why Xbox 360 has been on a sharp decline since 2007. Owning an Xbox 360 is an embarassment to yourself and your social value as a person. Now is the time to PLAY B3YOND.


QueefyB3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

hey darksniper i agree i think they are just trying to give a toaster a new coat of paint

Leathersoup3797d ago

Actually rather than copy the Cross Media Bar, it's a copy of the Windows Media Center menu, which coincidentally was released prior to the Cross Media Bar.

grantps33797d ago

its not a new experience

just a new layout

P4KY B3797d ago

But whats the date to be?

socomnick3797d ago

hopefully very soon m8 very soon.

Monchichi0253797d ago

Read the article, and it's Crappy.

But I can't wait till the update comes out. Looks AWESOME!!

QueefyB3797d ago

can someone confirm whether or not sony or nintendo will be suing microsoft this week because i am still on vacation and i dont think i will be able to post the news once it comes out

Sez 3797d ago

sony sue MS???? for what lmfao. they didn't copy anything from sony.

Xbox360_Mujahid3797d ago

Infidels ! those who say MS copied Phony's XMB r infidels ! u will burn in hell ! lying is forbidden it's the work of satan !
X360 FTW

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