UGO Live from E3: Resident Evil 5 Hands-On

UGO writes: "We've been waiting ages to get our hands on Resident Evil 5, and now finally, at the dawn of E3, we've had our chance. It was only a little over a month ago that Capcom demoed an area of the game--an area that I can now refer to as "Assembly Place"--to a crowded room of journalists in Las Vegas. However nice it was to see in action, the event raised more questions about the game than it provided answers. Today, details surrounding RE5's storyline remain scant at best, but we've got a number of impressions of the gameplay as well as one huge announcement: The entire Resident Evil 5 campaign can be played co-operatively online!

Yes, it's finally been confirmed. Another player can control Sheva, Chris Redfield's North African partner, over the magic of the interwebs. In my time with the game, the AI was left in control of the buxom beauty, but tooling around with her left me with a pretty good idea of how things will come together in the final build."

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