Dragon Quest VIII 3DS vs. PS2 video comparison

Now that we have a first trailer for Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS, we’re able to see the new version in action. How does it stack up to the PlayStation 2 original? You’ll be able to get a look at how the two editions compare in the video below.

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Sonyslave31293d ago

3ds seem to be more colorful and bright.

SegaGamer1293d ago

Not really. Any tv can replicate the colours that we are seeing on the 3DS version.

3-4-51293d ago

Both versions have pros and cons.

3DS version will have some sharper images in some spots and brighter colors, and PS2 will be better in other areas.

I still want DQ 7&8 for 3DS in the U.S.

I don't care if the graphics are slightly worse.

I don't just stare at the screen...I'm playing a game.

Hoffmann1293d ago

Now THAT game is worth to get a HD remaster.

STK0261293d ago

To me both seem to have the edge over the other on some aspects, but overall I think the graphics are fine on the 3DS and won't interfere with the game. Hopefully SE will be smart enough to bring it to NA (and everywhere in the world) as opposed to keeping it exclusive to Japan. Unless they hate money that is, considering the translation already exists, I would presume localization costs of the 3DS version of the game would be minimal.

WeAreLegion1293d ago

*sigh* Wish we could get it on other systems.

SegaGamer1293d ago

I agree, i proper remastered version of it would be great.

mydyingparadiselost1293d ago

Hey you, yeah you the one with the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasies....
Deal with it
All honesty I wish this had been put on consoles, this game deserves far more than a simple mobile port

RpgSama1293d ago

I Want a PsVita/Ps4 HD remaster with cross-save and cross-play, it's too good a game to only be re-released on the 3DS. And i'm guessing FFX/X-2 HD did good businees on Sony consoles.

Gemmol1293d ago

not as good, as 3ds business. They a business profits on their mind first and 3ds is where its at. look at Yokai game sales, it sold more than FFX/X-2 on vita and ps4 together, I wonder if you add ps3 sales would it still sell more, if it do, its amazing, just gotta give props to the little system that could

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The story is too old to be commented.