VGChartz's Top 5 Games of June

VGChartz's Craig Snow: " June was given something of a thumbs down by the community - only a couple of key titles rose above the fray and gained a large number of votes. It looks like we were spoiled in May by the release of two hugely anticipated titles and we're now entering the typical software drought as we head into the summer.

This month we've added a popularity metre for the games, which is based on the number of votes each game received."

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Bytor1295d ago

How does the Vita get a top 5 popular game if no one owns one.

F0XHOUND1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Lol, who claimed nobody owns one? Millions own one, just millions want more games from big studios to be made and each month that passes less interest is shown from potential new vita owners and they naturally will pass on buying one. But actual owners, there are plenty!

Spotie1295d ago

Last I checked, I was definitely not nobody.

Bytor1295d ago

I was just making a sarcastic comment aimed at VGchartz because they under report it's sales. I agree with you I have one my self.