The Witcher 3 Gets More Info on Patches 1.04 and 1.05, Camera Stutter Fix, Asian PSN issues and More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an awesome game, but as most large open world experiences it comes with a few snags, which the folks at CD Projekt RED are working tirelessly to adds a few rounds of polish via patch.

Today Community Coordinator Marcin Momot gives more information on what you can expect from upcoming patches.

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AC2020x1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Anyone else have a glitch since the latest patch where blacksmiths and armorers won't show up on the map unless you are near to them? This makes it very difficult to track down certain ones as I can't remember exactly where they were.

Glad to see they are fixing the camera stutter issue in 1.04.

DeletedAcc1295d ago

they show up at different times during the day

Ezz20131295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

pc version that patch going to fix the stutter in Novigrad ?!

that piss me off

moegooner881295d ago

For some reason I can see but can't interact with the blacksmith at blackbough

wsoutlaw871295d ago

It seems since the patch some of the interaction s are slow to load. Just walk away a bit then walk back.

DeletedAcc1295d ago

that camera stutter issue is sooo annoying

especially when you know how its done right ( naughty dog games )

SonyMontana1295d ago ShowReplies(1)
Old_Boss_1295d ago

I'm frustrated, I haven't played the witcher 3 for 3 days because of the bug in SPOILER: King's Gambit Quest, where it gives you infinite loading screen ;_;7

Spudinator2171295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

So this happened...

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