The secret history of the Legacy of Kain

KSD: At this point, the Legacy of Kain series is difficult for one unfamiliar with its twists to enter into. The last game, Defiance, was released in 2003; its predecessor is almost fourteen years old; Soul Reaver, the ambitious seed that sprouted into an almost impenetrable forest, was released for the original PlayStation; its predecessor Blood Omen is orphaned abandonware. Accompanying this generational regression is the sheer inconvenience of leaving behind the latest advances in graphics and sound to return to their more primitive counterparts: the farther we go back, the more rudimentary the graphics and the flatter the sound until we come to Soul Reaver and its monologues in monophonic or Blood Omen’s top-down 32-bit palette. The irony of being forced, like the series’ character Raziel, to delve into a decrepit past to discover a worthwhile narrative should not go unnoticed.

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