The game-like films of David Lynch

The cult of David Lynch has had almost forty years to expand, so it was probably inevitable that his aesthetic would influence other artists. And of course, cinema has seen its fair share of Lynch devotees-turned-directors, churning out post-Mulholland Drive freak-outs. But Lynch’s shadow stretches well beyond the parameters of Hollywood, and the impact he has had on games has been surprisingly widespread and profound. There’s no shortage of designers happy to announce that influence through overt homage. Hideo Kojima included a direct reference to Eraserhead in his recent Silent Hills playable teaser by dropping Henry and Mary’s pathetic monster-baby in a bathroom sink. The televisions in Remedy Entertainment’s Max Payne broadcast episodes of Address Unknown, an in-game program featuring a backward-talking flamingo in a red-and-white striped room. And Deadly Premonition so closely resembles the first season of Twin Peaks that it often feels like a fever-dream remake, treading perilously close to the line between brilliant homage and actionable copyright infringement.

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DarkOcelet1212d ago

Deadly Premonition is the closest one to Twin Peaks but with a better/less haunting ending.

Twin Peaks ending was really haunting.

FullmetalRoyale1212d ago

*smashes own face into mirror*

DarkOcelet1212d ago

That laugh always make me cringe!

DLConspiracy1212d ago

Swery swears that he didn't even know or watch twin peaks when it was made but the game is exactly the same vibe in so many ways. It's crazy.

DarkOcelet1212d ago

Really?! i didnt know that. I could have sworn he had taken inspiration from twin peaks.

I mean the Log lady from Twin Peaks is exactly the same weird Pot Lady from Deadly Premonition.

If he is Kojima, i would say Kojimadence.

Guess i can say Swerydence! lol.

DLConspiracy1212d ago

@dark ocelot

I kept waiting for the main guy to say "mmmmmm that's a damn fine cup of coffee." Also another fun factoid is that kooky song they play is also a Mario song slowed wayyyyyy down. Listen to it. You will go "ooooohhh yeahhhh"

LamerTamer1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

How about Alan Wake? That had massive Twin Peaks influence. The setting for one was pretty similar. AW had the "lamp lady" which was a reference to the "Log Lady" in TP. The "Oh Deer Diner" is a reference to the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks. There are actually many more references google to see.

DarkOcelet1212d ago

Yes, i know, i played and finished Alan Wake five times but Deadly Premonition felt like Twin Peak: The Game.

Sketchy_Galore1212d ago

I'd say everything after the first half hour of Inland Empire is basically a slightly less out and out horror (but still pretty damn horrific) film version of the P.T game.

WizzroSupreme1212d ago

David Lynch so needs to make a video game with David Cage. It'd be beautiful.