Games out this month: 10 biggest releases for June

With this year's E3 gaming expo just around the corner, June is typically a month known for blockbuster gaming announcements rather than gaming releases.

However, while it's true the release schedule is a little sparser than usual, there are a few anticipated launches on the horizon, such as the concluding chapter in the Batman Arkham series, the console debut of Elder Scrolls Online and the latest LEGO adventure.

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higgins781270d ago

While Wooly World looks great - and I'm sure will be, I can't help seeing it as too much like Epic Yarn. I'll no doubt buy it (day 1), play it, enjoy it, but I just can't help feeling a little short changed at this albeit early stage. I only say this because I have played Nintendo since being gifted a SNES for Xmas, SMW bundled. As for Arkham Knight, I'm concerned it's moving away from what made Asylum so great and what made City (while still very good) less so. As for the Season Pass/DLC debacle...

WizzroSupreme1269d ago

For me, it's just gonna be Batman all summer and those infernal Riddler tropes!

LoveSpuds1269d ago

I already have a backlog but will not be able to resist Batman ans Wooly World, not enough hours in the day! A nice problem to have though :)