'The Witcher 3' May Be The Best Open-World Game Ever

There’s something truly brilliant about the way The Witcher 3 handles its quests.

There’s a few different types of quests in the game. Primary, Secondary, and Witcher Contracts. But these three divisions are nowhere near as distinct as they may sound, and often “secondary” or optional quests will influence the outcome of primary quests and vice versa.
For instance, in one very long sequence of quests I came to the end of a pretty major story-line—or so I thought. I “completed” a main quest, and was free to move on to other primary pursuits.

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amnalehu1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Pretty bold indeed but I think I agree (with the best open world game part).

Palitera1267d ago

Only if you exclude RDR, which no other game ever came near.

nX1267d ago

I hold the Witcher higher than RDR and GTA. RPG's are simply something else and this game gets pretty much everything right.

MysticStrummer1267d ago

Part of being the best open world, in my view, is how alive that world feels. That includes wildlife as well as NPCs doing whatever they do. I haven't played TW3 yet so I'm making no judgement, but no open world I've personally spent time with has come close to feeling as alive as those from Rockstar.

Bigpappy1267d ago

This opinion from Forbes... \end of comment.

orakle441267d ago

So because he write's for Forbes he can't form a opinion on the game? I'm confused.

CorndogBurglar1267d ago

Yeah, it is bold, no doubt.

However, i just got the game yesterday and i'm loving every second. It really is a great game, and i'm not really that bigbinto open world games.

I play the Batman games because i'm a huge comic book nerd, so its a no brainer. Aside from that, the only other game i've been able to finish thats open world is Red Dead Redemption. I put a LOT of time into Oblivion but never finished it.

Anyway, point is, the Witcher 3 is definitely up there.

Hellsvacancy1267d ago

I personally rate Red Dead Redemption a little higher than Witcher 3, but i've not finished Witcher 3 yet, i've hardly done any campaign missions so it's too early for me to say with certainty which game is better, and even then like it matters, both games are truly excellent

Too addicted to Gwent to progress the story, I need to get on a boat to the Skellige Islands, that's where I am in the story

nX1267d ago

You're still far away from being able to make final judgements, play 40 more hours before saying that RDR is the better game ;)

Hellsvacancy1266d ago

That's what I thought dude, hence why I backtracked on my comment

burza19821267d ago

Agreed. The Witcher 3 have The Best Open world ever.

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Scrivlar1267d ago

No. It's pretty great. But no.

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The story is too old to be commented.