GTA V - ENBSeries Beta 0.271 Features Improved MSAA, Sun & Clouds Saturation, Light Sprites Tweaks

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Unreal’ has informed us about a new beta version of the ENBSeries mod for GTA V. This new version comes with some new features, and you can find its download link below."

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hiredhelp1295d ago

Wow the lighting mod mmmmmm nice

Lamboomington1295d ago

It'll take some time, but we'll see more and more impressive things in the ENB as he develops it.

Remember in Skyrim, how extensive ENB was. So many rendering features and post processing effects.
Reflections on every surface, Indirect lighting, Image based lighting, high quality SSAO, fantastic DOF etc etc. Overhauled skin shader with SSS which looked photorealistic at times.