Sony Takes a Beating in May 2015. And How to Fix It

GamerVets looks at Sony's issues this month and recommends ways to fix it.

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TheGreatGamer1212d ago

Before anyone reports this for being clickbait etc. Please take the time to read it, logical and backed up points throughout

hockeyglory1212d ago

Thanks man!

Took me a while to write all this up and find the sources to link in there!

Much appreciated.

TheGreatGamer1212d ago

No worries but expect quite a bit of hate, anyone that doesn't worship Sony round here gets it i'm afraid

Griever1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


Playstation fans do appreciate positive, honest and constructive criticism. You just have be careful with your words when criticizing. The same is true in real life where harsh and nonconstructive criticism always leads to a strong backlash rendering the criticism ineffective.

On topic, in response to the author, I do not think 1 month of NPD victory by Xbox One means a red alert for Sony. If it does then what does several months of NPD and worldwide victories by PS4 means for Xbox One?? Abandon ship? Doom? As for the PS4 price, the price will hold until the sales fall below Sony's desired levels. There is no need to start losing $50 for every unit sold or in other words, $50 million for every 1 million units sold at the moment just to match Xbox One's price.

Finally, as for the exclusive games, Playstation has a history of delivering wide range of high quality exclusives. We all remember how PS3 was accused of the same "PS has no games" and how it turned out by the end of the generation. There may not be any AAA high profile exclusives releasing in later half of 2015 but PS4 still has Persona 5, Disgaea 5, No Mans Sky and Dragon Quest Heroes releasing in 2015. Several future exclusives have already been announced including Star Ocean 5, Street Fighter V and Level 5's new game. We can expect more announcements at E3 which can severely alter the media's perception of PS4 release schedule.

I am surprised at how that one statement by House calling PS4's exclusive lineup “a little sparse this year” has given the "journalists" the chance to write tonnes of "red alert" articles.

ChronoJoe1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

I think the article grossly understates the emphasis on first party exclusives and misinterprets the focus on third party titles.The focus on third party seems to have had a positive influence on the system thus far, yet the article spins this as a bad thing.

Additionally, it seems the article interprets increasing ARRPU (anual revenue rate per user) as deferring away from first party games and services, yet there was no evidence from the investor relations presentation to suggest that was the case. In fact, high-selling first party titles would drastically incriment ARRPU. Probably why 'new development and release of first party titles' was listed as the first point under this heading.

As for the rest of the article, the Vita being dead isn't exactly news. It's still a great system for those that enjoy the type of games it offers, and I imagine it will hold an audience with those style of games for some time to come, but certainly the Vita's demise didn't suddenly occur in May 2015.

Street Fighter is another issue, but at the end of the day, it'll be patched. It's a digital iteration so hopefully when / if they get a physical release out it'll be all sorted. It's still a third party title that's coming exclusively to Sony's platform (of the next gen systems), so while it's a shame it's released in a troublesome state, it's hardly a disaster. I wouldn't say it's a dissimilar affair to the initial problems with the Master Chief Collection.

In the end, you're interpretation is just that. It's easily possible to spin things in the other direction, but ultimately with E3 so close, this type of speculation is relatively purposeless. Both consumers and investors will soon be given a much clearer picture on what the future holds for the Playstation platform.

Lev19031212d ago

@griever " playstation fans do appreciate postive, honest critisim".

Uhmm are you new here? Yesterday the ceo of sony said they ps4 lacked on 1 st party exclsuives. And i read aloooot of comments which the ps fanbase ridiculed the article and said it eas clickbait. An interview with the ceo of ps4 company was labeled a click bait article!!

So no, ps4 cant withstabd critism or negativity;)

hockeyglory1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


As Sony's slides state, increased ARPPU isn't from first party games.

It's coming from PS Plus retention, extra services and apps including TV, music and video, and the final bullet point was partnerships with other companies for other services.

Griever1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


No, I have been around here for about 10 years. Andrew House's comment was not from an interview. It was a comment lifted out of context from an investor relations meeting. He was just being honest to the investors but the gaming media has used that phrase to generate tonnes of clickbait articles full of spin, lies and misinterpretation. One article even claimed that PS4 was in its THIRD year of lifespan and only had one worthwhile exclusive (Bloodborne), which is a complete lie. Here is the link.

Articles and statements like that are eliciting the strong backlash from Playstation fans. Even this article quotes the same comment by House and uses it as a base.

ChronoJoe1212d ago

In either case, it's the first heading under strategy 1 on the slides. I feel that you just brushed that off in the slides, ignoring the continued focus on first party productions.

Pogmathoin1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

@ Griever,
Playstation fans do appreciate positive, honest and constructive criticism. You just have be careful with your words when criticizing.

Then you relate that to real life? That is having your cake and eating it. You do not have to criticize PS here, simply failing to be at least pleasant about PS gets you slaughtered here.

Article is very good actually, you see history repeating, but regardless, the games will come for Sony, they always do, but also, Xbox is a wounded beast, so they will always be finding a way.... Again, thats good for all gamers, tragedy for fanboys.....

Army_of_Darkness1212d ago

@thegreatgamer "No worries but expect quite a bit of hate, anyone that doesn't worship Sony round here gets it i'm afraid"

Sony lost ONE MONTH too the xbone in terms of sales since launch and all of a sudden, it's the beginning of the end for the ps4 unless... Sony listens to this guys advice?? LMFAO!
Can you not see why this article is considered click-bait??

Outside_ofthe_Box1212d ago

@TheGreatGamer, Lev1903, Pogmathoin, and the like-minded

More like you can't criticize those that "criticize" Sony without people like you guys crying about being "attacked" with "hate."

Lore1212d ago


" So no, ps4 cant withstabd critism or negativity;) "

Is that a wink face or did somebody squirt something in your eye?

By the way you mispelled "withstand."

Platinum_k1212d ago

they got beat 1 month...


PS4 doesn't need fixing

Death1212d ago

Keep in mind we are only talking North America, but if you look at the last 6 months of sales Xbox won November, December and April while PlayStation won January, February and March. That is 3 months with two being the biggest of the year.

dafegamer1212d ago

ms barely won the may npd to not sure why writing this article like that

OB1Biker1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Man Im sorry (not really) if people will call me a Sony fanboy worshiper but I do think this title 'Sony takes a beating in May' is.... well ridiculous and certainly not going to click and read the whole article... might be constructive criticism in the article for all I know but youd have to put a title that makes more sense for me to read it....

Is May NPD alrwady up???

OB1Biker1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Also a bit annoying the 'victimization' from many people in the comments. This site is open to every one and millions of people can comment if they wish so. Write clearly negative comments in Xbox or Playtation or Nintendo articles will of course have people write 'negative' comments about the people bashing one or another whether its deserved or not so stop playing the victim and calling others fanboys if they dont agree with your criticisms.
Every one is allowed to express themselves and that the point of this site. People should be very happy to be able to give their opinion and give constructive criticism of the media to try and get better content instead of calling one another names

1212d ago
Foxhound9221212d ago

Taking a beating? They get beat by a few thousand one one country...

The article lacks aggregate perspective

remixx1161212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


I'm giving you some hate purely based off that ignorant comment you just made, nothing else.

People like you make me vomit when they post, you try and generalize a fan base on a gaming website and the funny thing is you suffer from a lot of the issues you bash others for....

Also have you seen the lashing someone gets in an Xbox article if they make sweet love to MS in their comments?? Its the exact same response.
The only difference between you and them is you just "worship" a different brand.


DOMination-1212d ago

Sony have got nothing to worry about. They've got great uardware and a healthy lead. Maybe a bit stupid in terns of release schedule but hey thay can't always be helped. They have good first party support and next year should be great for them. W

MS have done well to recover though after am awful launch, Spencer has turned it around. They'll never catch up but their continued revival is good for competition and great for gamers

XisThatKid1212d ago

this is great SOny is getting the beating and still selling oodles! I wonder why this is though.

ShadowWolf7121212d ago

Well you probably should have taken a bit longer. Your comprehension and attempts to discern what was said there fall kinda short.

For one, saying first party is relatively sparse this year does not equate to the company shifting focus to third party, as you indicate they are in your title here.

It means that they've tried to compensate for this year with third party support.

For another, when there is updated information regarding things present in the presentation you're basing your info on, it's best to include it as well.

But I suppose what intrigues me the most is that you took away from this that they're somehow in trouble. They're very much not.

Dee_911212d ago

I'm not one for defending "fanboys" but when you make comments like ps4 is doomed for being outsold 3 months out of 26, the backlash is warranted, no matter how you try to twist it or "word" it.
You go from extreme to extreme to make a weak point seem strong., be simply pleasant or get slaughtered.I barely talk about PS and msft and I have a ton of bubbles.
You see what you want to see.

FlameBaitGod1212d ago

If this wasn't about bias then where are all your Xbox is doomed articles ? since its been losing to Sony for ever ? Only Sony has problems to fix?

But judging by your articles...

1) Kratos has changed to God of Milk Jobs

2) The Order: 1886’s Short Length And Zero Replay Value Means It’s a Buyers Market

3) The Order: 1886 is $60 for about 3.5 Hours of Gameplay and 2.5 Hours of Cut-Scenes

4) Debacleclub. Evolution Studios or Sony Management to Blame?

5) Will Infamous: Second Son Save PS4’s Game Library?

You don't have to be Einstein to see this guy is bias.

FlameBaitGod1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

*double post*

GribbleGrunger1212d ago

I take it that if the PS4 wins this month by 14k, you'll immediately write an article about the XB1 getting slaughtered and what MS can do about it.

AngryTypingGuy1212d ago

Xbox wins the US monthly sales sometimes, but globally, the PS4 has yet to be beaten.

pupa1212d ago

Look at this article and go rethink your own attempt.

Sad but true.

Malice-Flare1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

well, you're on your way to a 1000 degrees, congrats...

however, an opinion with a clickbait title like that makes any logical jumps in your article and your intentions suspect...

being praised by TheGreatGamer adds to that suspicion...

all "sparse" doesn't mean "none," as some internet commentators seem to imply...

morganfell1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Just a question, but has this same site put up an article titled, "Microsoft takes a beating since launch and how to fix it." MS would seem by all accounts to be in the more dire circumstances.

alabtrosMyster1211d ago

I see no new argument here, this is yet another USA centered article...

While it's true that the PS4 does not completely outsell the XB1 in the US like it did last year, it's still selling almost twice as many units in total worldwide on a weekly basis... I mean, if this is what "taking a beating means" I wonder what it means for every other consoles on the market?

As for the rest, we still have not seen what will and will be actually ship late in the year and how good these games will really be, how good the third party titles will be, etc.

It would probably have garnered less clicks/controversy if the title was something boring like "How could Sony keep its momentum in the US?" or again "Does MS have the right cards to outsell the PS4 with the XB1 in the US in the long run?" other territories being out of the question...

You did bring a good point, Sony putting more emphasis on the non gaming features may very well hurt them, you may want to write an article focusing on this, why did they close studio Liverpool and stop a project at Santa-Monica Studio and decided to create some TV show for the PS+ members... studio closures may not be directly linked to the latter, but it certainly look like a change of direction, almost as if Sony's management took the MS media centric pill instead of learning a lesson from their success and the competition's failure... it's kind of strange!

gangsta_red1210d ago

"Playstation fans do appreciate positive, honest and constructive criticism."

I love this quote from Griever that gets a Well Said then the rest of comments from the sony fans go on to complain and demand a "Microsoft critical" article from the author. Just goes to show that they do not want to read any type of criticism unless it specifically takes shots at the competition.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

That wasn't very well written at all.

TheGreatGamer1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

That's the point of an opinion piece, right? He backed up his opinions with logical reasoning, can't fault that myself

To put this comment in context, the user above edited out the part slamming this article for having opinions

ChronoJoe1212d ago

It's not well written, you're right, but I clicked his profile page on the site and he actually self-admits that his articles are not liable to be that well-written.

I don't think it's that bad to write like a high-school student. A lot of people start off that way and it's only through practice that people are able to develop. So while take some issue with the authors content, the structure and overall quality of the writing doesn't really matter. Ultimately, he gets across what he wanted to say in a relatively clear and concise manner; the article is functional.

If you want eloquence read something from Forbes or some-other nonsense. I find they're generally quite out of touch with the industry, in honesty.

rainslacker1212d ago

It wasn't terribly written. His comments were backed up with reasoning, which was actually mostly reasonable, although sometimes misinformed or misinterpreted. Most of his reasoning for why he felt the way he did were not based on hyperbole of "this is what people feel" which rarely reflect reality.

Grammar issues aside, it's better than most opinion pieces I've read, and I never got the sense that the author was trying to bash the PS brand or Sony, but really did want to offer constructive criticism, as misplaced as it may be in some cases.

I do think it took a very narrow view of what Sony had to do to "fix" the problems that the author feels that Sony has to address, as I don't really think that Sony has any real problems to address at the moment.

Most of Sony's problems seem to be more a perception issue within forum comments and opinion articles, and not really anything that exists within their marketing, distribution, or selling of the PS console itself. However, I also believe this perception issue mostly resides within a group of people that don't actually own the PS4, because it's rare to see someone be overly critical of Sony that obviously does own the least not to the point of latent hostility which permeates the internet. Just as an example, many people that own a Vita love it, yet were able to criticize the memory card prices with fervor, but didn't become hell-bent on downplaying the quality of the product.

What I do know is that what people feel is the right thing on forums, and usually opinion articles, is rarely what companies have to do to either become, or remain, successful. If it were that easy to run a company, people wouldn't be going to school for 4-8 years to get business degrees. If any company listened to the internet for it's business decisions on the scale with which it seems to be offered with all sorts of consumer feel-good entitlement, that company probably wouldn't be in business very long. Seriously look at the most successful companies in the world. How many of them do what the internet forums tell them they should do?

T2X1212d ago

It wasn't. But I think that SONY will have nice showing at E3 this year and I really wish we could all see the VR stuff first hand. I'm very curious as to if it will be good or not. And I'll bet next year will be the big one. When all of the previously delayed games come pouring in. People always hype the hate train at the approach of E3! LOL!

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aceitman1212d ago

My question is how is it Sony took a beating in may when mays numbers hasn't been released. And 2 x1 won April NPD by 13,000 units and that's not a beating, also a beating is like February and march when ps4 beat x1 on NPD by 150,000 each month. 3 x1 won one month while ps4 won 3 so how's is this a beating again . and yes I read the article nothing really answers how ps4 has taken a beating in may period.

Death1212d ago

If you go from beating someone by 150,000 units to losing by 13,000 units, what is the difference? Sounds like 163,000 doesn't it? Like you said, 1 month for Xbox and 3 for PlayStation. What about the couple months before that?

aceitman1212d ago

@ death what's ur point , what happened to the 9 months before those 2 months.

badz1491212d ago


dude, that's not how math works. that's not any of this works!

johndoe112111212d ago

WTH sort of math is that?????? Is there no limit to the lowness you guys would reach in order to make up and twist facts????

LeCreuset1212d ago


Xbox beating PS by 13,000 in April after losing by 150,000 in March in no way means Xbox gained ground by 163,000 units. Desperation has beaten the stealth out of you.


Ever notice how the whole picture is abandoned for arbitrary frames that suit an argument? Of course Death only goes back to the couple of months where Xbox won. It doesn't suit his argument to go further. It's like how some people try to pretend only NPD really matters, or how Xbox fans would brag about taking market share from PS, ignoring that PS only had so much market share to lose because of the beating it put on the original Xbox.

aceitman1212d ago

@LeCreuset I agree , if death wants to look at in a whole new way he can see it this way ,almost 23 mill to 12 mill , in the last 16 months ps4 has won 13 NPDS and this is what is called ms's home turf. so whats that saying .
ps4 won

xbox1 won

so how is it sony needs fixing , there is one thing clear , the one that needs fixing has been making changes since launch and continues to try and fix itself , but how low can the price go to keep up with the other. it seems like the price cut does well for a little while then sales drop again then another price cut to boost sales again its going to hit a wall one day where the price cant go any lower. so death just stop trying to flip it and open ur eyes to the truth . games 2 months a year has shown that its not working with sales , what ms gained in 2 months sony took back and more the rest of the year.

Death1212d ago

Are we looking at recent trends? The last 6 months show a the direction North America is heading. There is no doubt Sony "won" more NPD's since launch. Sony went from winning almost everyone to splitting the last 6 50/50 with Microsoft. November and December being key months for sales.

Call winning by 150,000 to losing by 13,000 anything you want, but either way that is a lot of lost ground.

BitbyDeath1211d ago

Isn't Sony like 1M ahead in the states anyway?
1M - 13K = 987,000.

So 987,000 / 13,000 = 75.9 Months /12 = 6.3 Years.

So in 6.3 years maybe MS will catch back up to Sony in the US providing they can win out each month by 13K.

Good job MS you are finally gaining ground see you in 6 years time.

badz1491211d ago


coming from winning 150k to losing 13k means, there is another 137k of gap left. not suddenly the losing side gaining 163k LOL

alvgamin4lif1208d ago

I love maths and plan on pursuing a degree on mathematics in the future. But even then i am baffled by what you've written. Wtf? Wtf*infinity?? Just because xbox1 beat ps4 by around 13k units and ps4 beat xbox the previous month by 150k units automatically means that xbox1 gained 163k above ps4???? Wtf!?

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Genuine-User1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Just the other day you labeled an article click-bait and misinformed for questioning the possibility of Tomb Raider failing as an Xbox exclusive. Today, you're praising an article titled "Sony takes a beating".
Forgive me if I take my advice from someone less transparent.

T2X1212d ago

Correct. BTW, since people are talking about math and numbers. How the hell can people see that some company sold 20 million of something and the other company sold 14 million. And not say one didn't do as well as the other. Morons. Firstly, they're not that far apart from each other in the whole scheme of things. Secondly, Who really gives that much of a shit unless you're a shareholder? LOL!

joeorc1212d ago


Let's put this in very simple blunt terms, if your console's A) only two systems on the market. Because Microsoft's add in Xbox 360 shipping numbers right along with Xbox one for world wide numbers.

B) but can only take lead in its strongest market by 13,000 in only one month by its newest console. But yet, loose that lead over the next month. How does that show a solid shifting trend?

Your right it shows that any ground Microsoft has had to gain has been lost by months end!

Spotie1212d ago

It fails from the title.

See, we don't know how well ANYTHING has done for May, meaning he can't say Sony took a beating.

An exaggerated title based on speculation makes it clickbait.

oasdada1212d ago

Damn and i thought ps3 fans were worst last year.. but xb1 fans are just dellusional and biased to an extent that is scary. How intimidated are these guys?

Death1212d ago

About as delusional and intimidated as Andrew House.

badz1491212d ago

why and how is Andrew House delusional?

ShadowWolf7121212d ago

Hi Death.

Where did Andrew House indicate they were taking a beating? Where did he indicate any of the author's speculations were true? Where did he signal that they were in trouble and he felt they needed fixing when he was reporting a strong performance and stronger outlook going forward?

Please explain.

I mean heck, even the Vita bit don't really hold up in the light of updated information that's been out for a while now.

Death1212d ago

I don't think Andrew House is any more delusional than the author. Andrew House is the one that said first party software is sparse. He also believes the key to profitability is in subscription services like PSVue. If you are good with Sony thinking TV subscriptions are more important than games, by all means keep saying nothing is wrong. You guys are in the drivers seat, I'm just along for the ride.

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showtimefolks1212d ago

Ok author of this article

You do know ps4 still outsold the Xbox one world wide righr? So a NPD victory where the difference was 167k and 181 k I think isn't red alert

Retroman1212d ago

ONLY way Sony get out of its problem produce more VARIETY!! less military open world games . community over saturated now .
hell 5-7 year old playing call of duty, battlefield why???? back in my day gaming as a child was mario, zelda,battle toads, castlevania, metroid, contra . not bloodborne, destiny, far cry , last of us, uncharted , demon soul ect..... if indie games a resurrection of FUN simple games so be it.

Snakefist301212d ago

Lmao both of u are a JOKE!

MasterCornholio1212d ago

I wish people would do the same with Eurogamer comparisons. Its horrible entering an article and seeing a ton of posters argue over it and the majority didn't even read it.

I'm happy that at least with this article we are having really constructive comments (with a few exceptions) and I only wished that the comment section was this way with almost every article.

Unless the article was is a hate article of course.

kurruptor1212d ago

Okay thanks for tricking me. Read it. It was clickbait.

They lost last NPD by approximately 15k. They still dominated software. They still are dominating worldwide. They are the only system releasing exclusives on a regular basis.

So no, that isn't what I consider taking a beating. The opposite actually.

Magicite1212d ago

PS4 sometimes sells twice as much as X1 and WiiU combined a who's in trouble?

uth111212d ago

The title is click-bait. MS won the NPD, but it wasn't a blowout. So "takes a beating" is exaggerated.

MysticStrummer1212d ago

"Before anyone reports this for being clickbait etc. Please take the time to read it, logical and backed up points throughout"

I took the time to read it and saw no logic on display. From the title onward it's a fanboy fantasy. I see why you'd think it was great.

JP13691212d ago

They lost by 13k in North America, while they're still dominating worldwide. If this isn't clickbait, it's certainly uniformed nonsense that doesn't understand that changes won't be made simply because of a (miniscule) defeat in only one market. They'd incur opportunity costs from a price drop, and for what?

porkChop1212d ago

It is clickbait. Regardless of whether or not there is any good content/writing in the article, the headline is pure clickbait/yellow journalism. The author admits that they don't have any actual hard data or numbers. They just know that the Xbox One sold more. It could have sold 1 unit more for all we know. There is no basis to say that Sony took "a beating."

FlameBaitGod1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )