Remembering Console Gaming Before The Internet

SheAttack: Erica discusses console gaming in the 80s and 90s, before the internet innovated it. She lists 5 features and capabilities consoles have now, that we didn't before and how we got by without them.

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DEEBO1266d ago

Yeah it's better now and i'm from the 80's timeline.

Free games,demos,multiplayer games with chat,download games on release and patches to fix games all because of the internet.

MRMagoo1231266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

"Free games,demos"

I used to get free games and demos back when my games ran on cassette tapes. I got free games and demos on the ps1 as well as the ps2. So no internet needed for that.

"multiplayer games with chat"

I dont game online cos most people are d!cks or trolls, If I wanted to play multiplayer before internet consoles I had my friends come round get out an extra controller and a multitap if needed.

"patches to fix games all because of the internet"

if there were no internet on consoles the majority of games wouldn't need patches on day one because they get released when they are ready not rushed out.

AudioEppa1266d ago

Yes it is better now, anyone disagreeing with that is delusional lol

What's next, People want VCRs back?


s45gr321266d ago

Ha ha ha when PC gaming is getting better, able to play online for free, pay less for games, etc. You see consoles becoming less accessible, no map editors, no free unlockables, etc. Then you will understand why console gaming is worse

hiredhelp1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I find hard believe you gamed back n the 8bit days by that comment DEEBO.
Games back then were Harder more fun magazines with free demos some odd free game.
Magazines full game content not half full of advert crap.
We didnt need patches we didnt need online we aprechiated Games more than we do now as they churn them out far too quickly.
Its all DAY 1 patches Rushed games DLC Season passes Locked content..Price hikes membership subscription.
Wheres the fun gone ppl where the reward fir completing games like unlocked cheats or hidden levels.
If there was a option to go back I would.

rainslacker1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Free games, got these aplenty from friends or bday/xmas presents.:)

Multiplayer games with chat: we had these. The chat was real time, and rarely devolved into kids that recently discovered puberty throwing hateful insults at each other, although the occasional antagonistic remark was often made between friends.

download games: true, but not like downloading a game makes it any different than what's on the discs/carts.

patches to fix games: most games didn't have game breaking bugs and were released as a complete finished product. There were certainly bugs present, but it was extremely rare for a game to release in the state that many games do now on a regular basis.

From the article:

no hard drives or on console saves: true, but carts could accomadate saves in some cases. later, memory cards were used when CD's were introduced. Not as convienant, but served the same purpose, and in some ways were more convienant.

No social media, message boards, or comment sections:

BS. The internet is older than that. AOL and Compuserve say hi. AOL had a pretty vibrant gaming channel. I personally ran BBS boards before I hit my teens that discussed gaming on a regular basis. The information was more scattered than it is today, but it was there.

No online MP: Yeah, but we had real life MP(see comment at beginning of topic)

No DLC: yep, and it was glorious. We could get all those extras in our initial game purchase. Not that DLC isn't sometimes good, but too many examples of DLC abuse by publishers have taken a good thing and made it into something cringeworthy.

No YT or online Strat guides: I'll give the article this one. Without a purchased strat guide some game you would never be able to complete all the extras that devs put into it...particularly JRPG's. That to me was more a matter of poor game design that managed to obfuscate the fact that content existed elsewhere in games, but that's really another topic.

I think things are mostly better now, but the 80's were simpler, and less annoying.

GearsOfWar1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I agree with all of your points, but I think it's also fair to say that games in the 80s/90s were not as complicated to make. We can do more and more every year, but at the same time, it requires us to use more advanced methods of implementation, which can often break easily.

On the flip side, DLC and patches have fundamentally changed the whole game development process. Developers have become far too comfy in these two things and a balance has yet to be found. Games are releasing in states they should not be.

I miss the days when games had great physical presentations. By that, I mean the actual packaging. The physical version of Witcher 3 is as close to games in those days as I've seen in quite some time.

rainslacker1265d ago

True, games back in the 80's were simpler in design. mid to late 90's they started getting more complicated.

On the other hand, it's actually easier to program games nowadays given the numerous engines and tools available to developers, but many things still have to be implemented on a individual level.

The overall game design is usually more complex just due to animation and collision detection more than anything.

3-4-51265d ago

* In the 90's you found out about a game from going to a friends house and playing their games, or maybe you saw a commercial two weeks before release.

* Also a lot of us found our games from game rental stories.

You could walk in and spend 30-40 minutes trying to decide what game or games you wanted.

* It was the best way to experience a game.

* You literally found out about it while searching the aisles....or at a friends, and you got to play it right then and there.

* There wasn't months and months of hype to ruing the experience for you.

* It was instant awesome gaming, and it helped a lot of us appreciate games that now a days probably would only get 4/10,5/10, or 6/10 ratings.

I know a played a ton of "bad" games, but we all found a way to have fun with them.

* Also in the 90's you had to rely on imagination and creativity a bit more so me and my friends a lot of the time would create our own games within the games.

We would just create rules on the fly and try it out and sometimes it was better than the actual game.

* I don't remember any of the hate there is now. Even the SNES vs Sega wars were pretty tame and mostly all in good fun.

SNES games still played Sega and Sega gamers still played SNES games and it was all good and we mostly all got along.

* The internet is amazing, but it allows the worst people in existence to have influence over those who aren't smart enough to know better.

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TheVideoGamHer1266d ago

Gaming was dope back in the day, but I like the advancements too. I just wish the zeal to make great games was still a thing though lol. Don't get me wrong, people are still making good games, but some others focus too much on the financial side and overlook what makes a really great product.

Spotie1266d ago

Unfortunately, that's what happens when any thing done mostly for passion gets to be too big, and people realize they can make money from it.

rainslacker1266d ago

I think most devs set out to make the best game they can. Publishers tend to make everything financial. not that devs don't want to make money, but most of them aren't sitting there trying to monetize everything they make. Mobile game developers often thing along these lines, but even then, outside of the publisher induced vomit that gets popular, the devs want to make something worthwhile.

DragoonsScaleLegends1266d ago

SNES days all the way to the PS2 days were awesome. But PS2 online was awesome too.

Whitey2k1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I liked the snes n mega drive expecially the likes of street fighter streets of rage u have Mario to Mario kart n street racer. I also like the ps1 era aswell the games were incredible and I enjoyed link up n play doom or f1 and command & Conquer

Retroman1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Good old days of gaming . to bad open world games ruin it.

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