Andrew House Firmly On Track to Lead PlayStation for Another Year

Sony Corporation announced with a press release the candidates for executive appointments for the current fiscal year, and Andrew House's name is on the list to continue leading the Game & Network Services Business as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

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itsjustexuma1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Well he has been doing a good job with the PS4

Abriael1092d ago

I'd say a great job, especially if he's hands-on as it seems.

uptownsoul1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Not only lots of PS4 console sales, but a high attach rate too…So he's been doing pretty good

thereapersson1092d ago

Does anyone else miss Tretton? I thought those were good days for PlayStation.

egidem1092d ago


I miss Jack Tretton. He had a candid look and feel to him, especially during the E3 presentations. He reminds me of another guy I miss: Kevin Butler :D

Sevir1091d ago

Tretton was The Best suit For SCEA! He was very candid, down to earth and just a fun guy. It was cool to meet at the PS4 launch event in NYC back in 2013. Sad he isn't apart of PS or Sony anymore

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egidem1092d ago

He's done and continues to do a fantastic job. Sony's campaign of being for the players is truly paying off well.

spacedelete1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

his been doing a terrible job. Sony are doing exactly what MS did last gen which is the reason MS had lost alot of its fanbase from last gen. i agree with the poster who said Tretton was better. House is just a bigwig fatcat.

Rimeskeem1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Because obviously when your outselling your competition almost 2-1 that really means you are doing an awful job.


DOMination-1092d ago

Tretton and House didn't have the same job. Tretton was president of SCEA. House is CEO of SCE and was Trettons boss

GameDev11092d ago

"Sony are doing exactly what MS did last gen "

In what way? explain this

Cause apart from Sony leading, I dont see how their strategy compares

If you are talking about third party deals, well Sony had a lot of that during the PS3 era, and it is very typical for top publishers to cling to the dominant console for exclusive content

And how is andrew house doing a terrible job when the PS brand is having great success? doesnt make sense

I did like Tretton charisma though, But I also now like Adam Boyes and Shawn Layden, who have actually worked with game studios compared to Tretton who hasnt

remixx1161092d ago

And what is Sony doing that MS did last gen, definitely not the recycling of 3 established franchises and relying on exclusive call of duty timed dlc...

Sony is re-establishing jrpgs and indies along with pushing its "many" studios to work on exclusives....3 things MS were having trouble doing last gen..

DigitalRaptor1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

This most games, the most sales, the higher rated games (aggregated), the most diverse lineup, the stronger hardware, the more innovative gaming features is what PS4 has over the Xbox One - it's certainly the more desirable console this generation even when one console launches a year before it, and the other launches beside it.

If you're talking about first-party, Sony is doing exactly what they've done every single generation in terms of their in-house studios. It's never been stellar in the first 1-2 years, and picks up after then. You either have an incredibly short memory or don't wish to revisit the past.

Well..... I can easily go on telling you how wrong you are by myself, but I got quite a lot of help there from other people who more than know what they are talking about.

gangsta_red1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

"And what is Sony doing that MS did last gen,"

Charging to play online, paying for timed exclusive content, promoting TV/media content, paying for timed third party games, paying for third party exclusive games, going after the casual crowd.

That is just naming a few of the many things Sony is now doing that their fans routinely crucified MS for. But now it all seems to be forgiven and accepted by their fans with the excuse of Sony is winning the console war so it's now okay to do this.

wegetsignalx1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

PS4 has more exclusives and more 1st party support. You're completely wrong.


Both charge to pay online, both pay for timed exclusive content and 3rd party games (but MS still does it more, both promote TV/media content (MS does it more), and Sony never charged after the casual crowd like the Wii or Kinect tried to.

Sorry if PS4's success, game library, and satisfied gamers upset you and cause you to spread lies about it.

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loopygames1092d ago

Andrew House has actually been with Playstation since 1995. Most of the original Playstation employees still work there and Kaz even got promoted to run the whole company now. They have loyal employees and fans. :)

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Rimeskeem1092d ago

Why would he not? 23 million playstation sold, 2-3X more ps+ members, fastest growing playstation ever.

sounds like hes doing a fantastic job.

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Josuey1092d ago

I miss jack tretton shawn layden better not mess things up.

ColeMacGrath1091d ago

Bet he will with that drama TV series crap. Again!

scark921091d ago

I really like Andrew House, He is good at his job!

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