Quantic Dream’s Unannounced PS4 Exclusive Might Finally Be Announced Soon

Quantic Dream has managed the impressive feat of keeping its upcoming PS4 exclusive game pretty much a secret since its existence was mentioned two years ago. Yet, the wait might be coming to an end.

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nX1269d ago

Well it's certainly about time and it better be at least as good as Heavy Rain.

Magicite1269d ago

I liked Beyond 2 souls more, it had more action and better story.

robtion1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Yep, QD know how to do graphics. Look forward to seeing what they can do with ps4.

robtion1269d ago

I liked heavy rain and beyond two souls. Really looking forward to seeing what their new game is. Hopefully it's at E3 this year.

If it is Kara I will be extra happy.

ThichQuangDuck1269d ago

E3 jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason

Please be Project Kara come to a full game even though that was denied

Abriael1269d ago

I'm more thinking Paris Games Week than E3.

Systemshock21269d ago

I think announcement teaser reveal at E3 and at PGW actual gameplay reveal.

MasterCornholio1269d ago


Nah I was thinking it would be more like.

Sssshhhhhaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnn n

Relientk771269d ago

Ex Machina is great, watched it last week

and I just realized how similar Project Kara and that movie are

ThichQuangDuck1269d ago

I did. Ha as soon as I saw the trailer I was like hmmm. Project Kara looked a little deeper because it was going to explore the world that consumed them,but interesting. We have seen Project Kara and a random Wizard so who knows what we will get

scark921269d ago

That was such a beautiful demonstration! I want it in my life!

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Travis37081269d ago

I hate that QD games are QTE. I hope it does good with reviews once released...
I liked beyond 2 souls and Heavy rain was great!

Rimeskeem1269d ago

Your comment kind of contradicts itself

OB1Biker1269d ago

You care too much about reviews they r not worth it

JMaine5181269d ago

Nice. I'm excited to see what they have been working on. Hopefully E3 but most likely Paris Games Week or PSX

jb2271269d ago

Judging by a tweet posted in the comments, the Co-CEO of Quantic will be attending E3, I'd have to assume that he wouldn't bother showing up if they didn't have some sort of reveal pending. Paris is a long flight & they should be spending their time developing if they don't plan on releasing any info at E3. I'm guessing a cgi reveal at E3 w/ a proper rollout at Paris Games Week. We all know that Quantic seem to have fun pulling off great CG reveals for their titles

Benoski1269d ago

I look forward to seeing what they come up with for PS4. I loved Heavy Rain, which is one of my favourite PS3 exclusives!

Beyond wasn't as good as HR, but I still enjoyed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.