The Giant E3 2015 Games List

There's no shortage of gaming conventions throughout the year, but the Electronic Entertainment Expo is still the show where you're likely to see the biggest reveals and newest demos. That's why we've compiled a handy list of all the games we're expecting to see, which we will be updating as more announcements are made.

So far, only a handful of games have been confirmed by their respective publishers to be at the show, and are consequently labeled as such. If you don't see the word "Confirmed" next to the game's name, it means the title might not be there, but we expect (or in some cases hope) to see it in some form at the show.

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ISHU1213d ago

Wow! That list is huge...
Can't wait for E3!!

BloodAddiction1212d ago

Articles with pages really fucking piss me off!

ThichQuangDuck1212d ago

Huzzah a countdown to my favorite holiday of the year