UGO Live from E3: Hands-On Wii Sports: Resort

UGO writes: "The Wii Motion Plus peripheral manages to fix nearly every complaint I have about the Wiimote controller. The controller itself has always been fine, but the motion recognition in it never really translated to the game screen in a solid way. Oftentimes software made for the console just used a series of approximations to infer what motions the player was conducting. We are all aware that playing Wii Sports Tennis can be done with just a few wrist flicks, we don't have to actually swing the Wiimote. But now, ladies and gents, the Wii Motion Plus brings 1:1 motion recognition to the table and it's turned me back into the excited geek I was two years ago, before the Wii's launch.

Yesterday, Rusty and I had the chance to go hands-on with the new peripheral and a copy of Wii Sports: Resort in the comfort of Nintendo's lounge off of the main floor. The new Wii Sports title transports players to a tropical vacation destination where they'll be taking on all kinds of beachside events… and hacking at each other with swords."

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