The Yooka-laylee team discuss character design and how you nearly had a tiger for a hero

With a whirlwind Kickstarter campaign that saw Yooka-Laylee reach its funding goal in little under 38 minutes, the 3D-platformer resurrectionist from Playtonic Games continues to charm the pants of all and sundry with its chameleon and bat buddy duo. And while Yooka and Laylee and well on the way to becoming a beloved duo, it turns our the green-skinned Yooka had a very, very different design in the game's earliest design stages. In the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, managing director and creative lead Gavin Price and character art director Steve Mayles reveal all.

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nicksetzer11293d ago

I feel like I might have preferred the tiger. A lizard and bat seem pretty lame to me. Maybe that's just me though.

DanteVFenris6661293d ago

Tasmanian tiger anyone?

Actually one of my favourite games on the ps2 generation. Good old taz

Zichu1293d ago

Loved those games years ago. Would love to see a HD remaster of those games.

Darkfist1293d ago

this reminds me of ratchet's design from an alien lizard to a cat-like

KryptoniteTail1293d ago

Tiger would be better. Maybe as an alternative skin?

rezzah1293d ago

Tiny Tiger? :o


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The story is too old to be commented.