Is Tomb Raider doomed for being an Xbox-exclusive?

"So what do you make of all this? Are you an upset PlayStation gamer? The only reason this has happened is down to money, if we’re all being honest, and that’s a bit disheartening. So is this a nail in the coffin for the franchise or can Crystal Dynamics somehow redeem itself?"

Gamespresso's Steve asks whether or not the Tomb Raider franchise is doomed given the Xbox-exclusive deal.

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Nosred1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Criticize at all what MS does, but hit palm to "exclusivity" of SF V.

Alienated Fanboys is the scum of the world.

aceitman1293d ago

How many times people need to be told , its a timed exclusive .

lilmisscherry1293d ago

I'm guessing a lot of times and of course they are going to do this, they want people to play their console. It's just business.

Relientk771293d ago

They want to pretend its a real exclusive, even though its timed

Kal0psia1293d ago

Yeah timed, PC obviously. They want as much to XOne and then release it to PC.

freshslicepizza1293d ago

from the article,
"We all hate getting back-stabbed"

that's funny. uncharted 4 is delayed, is that back-stabbing too? after all we were thought it was coming to the ps4 this year but it's not.

there was no promise made that if you bought a ps4 you would be getting this tomb raider game. just because the previous game came to the system doesn't guarantee anything.

the videogame market is messed up, that is what the focus should be. why are third party games being used as a catalyst to help sell hardware? whether it's a full exclusive or timed. it is about partnerships and backroom deals to help push hardware. none of it, including bayonetta 2 and street fighter, is designed for the consumer. if it was they would allow ports to competing platforms but that won't happen. they will always put themselves first above the actual consumer.

think about it, if sony is helping publish street fighter iv why not allow another party to make a port to other platforms and give a percentage back to sony? why doesn't nintendo allow bayonetta 2 to be ported to the pc or other consoles? the answer is control. so don't try and come up with some hogwash that this is for the consumer. it's not. don't tell me without their help the game would not get made. bs. it's made now, so what's holding them from releasing it to more people? control. don't be fooled into being a defence mechanism for them. they don't pay you to help market their hardware.

343_Guilty_Spark1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Microsoft doesn't invest time/money in developing, marketing, and publishing for games to go to rival platforms.

Phil said as much.


Did not go to PS4.

Phil said the deal is similar to those games yet some still think TIMED means going to PS4....

More than likely the game will go to WINDOWS 10.

Also, why do people think because Crystal D would not put the game on PS4 that'd be losing out on money. The more platforms you have the more money it costs to develop for. If The game is being developed for dX12 then it should significantly lower the costs of developing for Xbox/PC.

-Foxtrot1293d ago



With how much the industry has changed one of those franchises will hit the PS4 in some shape or form just like how Street Fighter V will end up on the Xbox One by the end of this gen. Super Duper Street Fighter V: Ultimate Edition

Companies are getting too greedy these days, they'll be counting down the days until their contracts are up.

lilbrat231293d ago

Thank You people still do not understand that is "TIME EXCLUSIVE."

TheCommentator1292d ago


Titanfall is exclusive. Titanfall 2 is not. Dead Rising 3 is exclusive. Dead Rising 2 was not. Has it ever been said that Tomb Raider is coming to PS4? It could be Win10 only but XB1 first. It is speculation at this point.

4Sh0w1292d ago

"Is Tomb Raider doomed for being an Xbox-exclusive?"

lol, what a ridiculous question.....a great game is a great game, exclusive or not exclusive it won't be "doomed". pffft

gatormatt801292d ago


Of course they're not going to say it's coming to PS4. That's how timed exclusives work. If CD did say something they would be breaking their contract. That's how these things work.

OB1Biker1292d ago

They did say specifically its 'timed exclusive'
I dont know, when a game is coming on one console and on PC they usually say its console exclusive.
there s no doubt in my mind it will be on PS4 sooner or later IMO

VenomUK1292d ago

I really enjoyed the Tomb Raider reboot. But for non-gamers gamers, casual gamers and people buying consoles as gifts I think that a Star Wars PS4 bundle will have a bigger draw than a XBO Tomb Raider bundle.

Pogmathoin1292d ago Show
Azzanation1292d ago

Has it been stated that TB is coming to PS3/PS4?

pixelsword1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

In theory, if one thirsts for the genre, one could play Uncharted; so... doesn't matter of Tomb Raider is timed or not: they're good, really.

freshslicepizza1292d ago

"Companies are getting too greedy these days, they'll be counting down the days until their contracts are up."

why do you care if they can't wait until their contract is up? shouldn't you as a consumer also hope for this as it allows more people to play the game? we should all be glad they port the game. why should we care about whether the deal helps microsoft or nintendo or sony? i really wish more people would start acting like consumers and less about how these contracts benefit hardware makers.

XanderZane1292d ago

Yes, it's a timed exclusive just like SF:V. So is SF:V also doomed? Silent Hill ended up doomed. This article is just click bait once more.

C-H-E-F1292d ago

I know i'll be buying it used to teach them a lesson. They won't be getting a dollar from me this gen.

lvl_headed_gmr1292d ago

Exactly. Its going to the 360 and PC. Both of which have very large install bases.

Tomb Raider being exclusive to MS platforms is hardly the end of an Tomb Raider.

If Tomb Raider is a good game, it will sell and be critically applauded.

End of story

1286d ago
aceitman1286d ago

@SurvivorOne , trust me when I tell u its coming to ps4 , believe what u want to but if it wasn't coming to ps4 ms would proudly boast xbox exclusive and will not confirm its timed .

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lelo2play1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

"Is Tomb Raider doomed for being an Xbox-exclusive?"


Microsoft will make money with consoles/bundles sold. I bet Microsoft will have a similar bundle to the Assassin Creed bundle (sold quite a few consoles). Bundle with X1, Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Square Enix will make money from Microsoft, and they don't have the extra expense of promoting the game (Microsoft will promote it).

Later on, Square Enix will make more money when they release the game on other platforms. Remains to be seen which platforms the game will get released...

ShinMaster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Replying to your comment bellow.

Square Enix said that about the first release of the Tomb Raider reboot last gen. They never said the game didn't make a profit. They said sales were bellow their expectations. They have stated otherwise after releasing the game on PS4/XB1. What doesn't make sense is that PlayStation and PC are the MOST profitable platforms for the TR franchise (with the PS4 version doubling the sales), not Xbox. But you're right, it's just business.
Not only that, but Square Enix said that Rise was already well into development in 2013 and was not announced as exclusive.

Bloodborne is NOT Dark Souls 3. Bloodborne didn't need funding. Sony sought out From Software to make a unique game for them. You don't know that Bloodborned would have even existed as a multiplatform game. Besides, I'm sure you'll still be getting the next Souls game on multiple platforms.

SF5 was already a confirmed situtation. 2 years ago, Yoshinori Ono, SF game director, said that they didn't have the budget or staff for a brand new SF game. Not only that, but Sony allows for cross-platform play between PS and PC, while MS requires Xbox games to have their own server. Also one of the reasons FF14:ARR did not come to Xbox.

wegetsignalx1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Square Enix will probably lose money overall by making it a timed exclusive, rather than launching it on PS3/PS4/PC at the same time as Xbox.

Making games Xbox exclusive has been a losing proposition so far this gen in terms of sales and profit.

Yes it will come to PS3/PS4 eventually, it was only purchased as a timed exclusive to compete with Uncharted 4 over the holiday. Spreading FUD won't change this.

fei-hung1293d ago

It is only doomed to fail if they don't recoup the money. I can't see it selling badly considering the time of year it is being released and the bundles it will probably get.

However, I don't think it will sell as well on the PS4 releasing around the same time as Uncharted.

BiggerBoss1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

ROTTR is releasing before Uncharted, unless it gets delayed as well.

Edit:nevermind, thought you meant on X1

zeuanimals1292d ago

That was the most confusing comment ever, Nosred. Sorry, are you saying that the two exclusivity deals are similar? We don't know the full details but we do know that Square Enix is better off financially than Capcom and can fund Tomb Raider all by themselves. Yoshinori Ono (developer and creator of Street Fighter) said that he wanted to make Street Fighter V but Capcom didn't give him the backing to do so, so he wasn't sure when or if it'd ever get made. Sony stepped in and now it's being made which is a good thing.

I always say that I'd prefer a game to be made than a game to not be made, even if the game is going to be on a system that I don't currently own since atleast later I can enjoy it and others can enjoy it too. There's rarely any joy in something not being made.

It was a good thing when MS helped Capcom with Dead Rising 3 and helped fund the rest of Titanfall (because EA didn't care about the project and were going to let it fall through) and it was good when Nintendo helped Platinum Games with Bayonetta 2. Nobody complains about these instances since we know that the games were either going to be scrapped or not made at all and other companies came in to save the product. Of course they're going to make it exclusive to their platform, they're paying for it to be made and with that I don't much mind. It's when a game was going to be made regardless but a company pays for it to not come to other platforms that I have a problem with. As far as I know, both Sony and MS have done this atleast once before, not sure about Nintendo but I'm sure they might have.

Magicite1292d ago

SFV makes more sense to be on playstation than TR to be on xbox.

DoubleM701292d ago

Yup you said a mouth full.

ShinMaster1292d ago

SFV needed the budget and Sony helped. Similarly to Nintendo helping with Bayonetta 2. Without their funding you wouldn't even get to see the game next year.

Tomb Raider didn't need help. Its biggest fanbase was on PS and PC, so making it Xbox exclusive makes no sense.

lelo2play1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

How do you know Rise of Tomb Raider didn't need help funding?
Square has claimed that Tomb Raider didn't make much of a profit and they expected more sales for the game... so if they get a external company to help fund their game, it's money in the bank.

Same can be said about Bloodbourne. After the success of Dark Souls 1 an 2, did From Software really need Sony to fund their game? Couldn't they fund their game ... or go for a external publisher and make Bloodbourne a multiplatform game?

These companies take the external funding because that money is guaranteed, with low risk, even if the game is not a success in sales.

Basically, it's business... and that's what fanboys fail to understand.

iTechHeads1292d ago

It's a completely different situation as SF V wouldn't have even been made without Sony since they are funding it and helping out with development.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider is a timed-exclusive. It's coming to PS4 as well but a few months later, just because Microsoft wanted some more exclusives to try and compete with the PS4.

Azzanation1292d ago

Was Bloodborne doomed for being a PS4 exclusive? No, so why would a well known franchise available on 3 formats be doomed?

showtimefolks1292d ago

no MS pretty much had to do this to compete with Uncharted, and its timed exclusive for holiday season. MS/phil spencer keeps saying its exclusive in holiday 2015 so i am fully expecting it to come out on ps4/pc my q1-q2 2016

what will be very interesting is these 2 things:

1st-there will surly be a tomb raider bundle and it will be very interesting to see how much added sales with when the game launches. Also how many copies sold will also be a interesting thing to keep an eye on

2nd-uncharted hd trilogy will most likely also get a bundle and the trilogy itself will also sell well. honestly i would not be surprised if uncharted trilogy sells better than tomb raider. a lot of people from xbox switched to ps4 so many of them never played uncharted

2cents1292d ago

Sony outsells xbox 2:1 yet the jelly on the plate goes wibble wobble wibble wobble...

Good! X1 has tomb raider hahaha GOOD!!!
Timed or not, MS has it so suck it up Sony fans, suck it up while I laugh in your faces HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

So pathetic. X1 is weaker, less market share, less impressive on multi-plats, no VR, no share play, no friends. Yet still... The insecurity on display is phenomenal.

Now this year is looking strong for the pathetic X1, the F-tards need to hunt for every angle to do more damage. lol, greatness awaits for games to come to its platform... Ahhh hahahahahahaha...

From now till the end of the year, X1 is gonna get hammered by the anti-X1 Brigade... Yet X1 owners are going to be pretty busy playing GAMES!!!!

kayoss1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Now that you've gotten that off your chest. Go put your straight jacket back on and go back into you padded room. If you behave maybe just maybe we will let you out again.

2cents1292d ago


Fun times...

Its good to vent on occasion, especially after a few tins ;)

I normally choose the high road but its lonely up there. Its fun to play in the petting zoo sometimes, ya no... Feed the animals.

Ooooh... Oh no he didn't!

Its Sunday, I'm away from console so... Yeah.

And most importantly... I like turtles!

wegetsignalx1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

There are trolls and negative articles for all 3 consoles, your persecution complex is baseless. PS4 owners will also be "busy playing games".

The "insecurity" is coming from the massive amount of flaming and trolling towards anyone who disagrees with the exclusivity and the deceptive way MS presented it.

And the huge amount of lies/FUD that Tomb Raider won't eventually come to PS4.

kayoss1292d ago

I always thought terrorist, pedophiles, rapist, and bigots were scum of the world and "alienated fanboys" were just... Fans of what they liked. But I guess your perceptions of scum are different than mine. Cheers!

wegetsignalx1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

The majority of the Tomb Raider fanbase is on PS, and they are keeping it from PC users as well as PS.

Sony is helping fund development of SF V, and it is already announced for PC.

It's not hypocrisy, your trolling and flaming is baseless.

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Relientk771293d ago

It's a timed exclusive, so I'm not worried at all

ThichQuangDuck1293d ago

Will release on PC later,but not PS4. I still in no way think it is doomed. There are exclusives like this on both sides. Which leads to most gamers that own the console getting the exclusive because well it is exclusive. Would Tomb Raider have struggled if it released on PS4 the same month as Unchrated 4? yes

Rimgal1293d ago

"Will release on PC later,but not PS4."

And you know this how? o_O

TKCMuzzer1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Microsoft will have to have thrown a serious wad of cash to cover the loss of potential sales from a PS4 version. Even if a quarter of PS4 owners would have purchased a copy thats a lot of money and would they even get that back in extra sales from the Xbox One? I doubt it.

Remember Titanfall and EA? That had way more hype than Tombraider. A wad of cash may be great in the short term but it is certainly cutting off your nose to spite your face as the long term gain is not so great, ask EA.

Will it make PS4 gamers buy an Xbox One, I also doubt it for the obvious reasons the PS4 already has the leading IP in this genre on modern consoles.

I won't buy either Tombraider or Streetfighter, I don't like third party exclusivity as it could get out of control, let your own studios do the talking.

ThichQuangDuck1293d ago


I don't know why people think the clarification of Timed Exclusive means it is coming to PS4. They announced it for Xbox One and PC only thus far. I am guessing Microsoft paid a great deal to keep it exclusive. I doubt that it is coming to PS4. If you want to wait on it and act like it is coming that is cool. I understand it divides the fanbase of Tomb Raider up. Maybe in game of the year edition it comes to ps4,but I am doubtful

MehmetAlperTR1293d ago

He says it s time EXC and will not go on PS4 becasue Microsft is PUBLISHER for this game.

Rimgal1293d ago

@ThichQuangDuck What you just said is all BS. Neither Square or MS ever said where the game will be released after the duration is over. All they said is that the ROTR exclusive deal as a duration. And that MS will publish the game on the X1 and X360. That's all they said. You can read it here if you want.

If the game will end up on the PS4, only MS and Square knows. No one else.

Fanboy hopes and dreams do not count as facts. Just enjoy the game. I'm sure it will be great.

XisThatKid1293d ago

you mean you "HOPE" on PC not PS4 like we "HOPE" PS4 and PC

remixx1161293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

If its not coming to ps4 then why hasn't MS made that clear??

Why did squeenix come out and say "the deal does have a duration"??

Sony had no problem saying SF5 is not coming to xb1 why can't MS say it if its not coming??

MS had no issue saying dead rising 3, titanfall and others are not coming to ps4 but are to pc, why can't they speak on tomb raider??

Why is Phil being so vague and only saying holiday 2015???

Elementary my dear fanboy.

buttcheeks1292d ago

Dude really get over it the game is gonna be on ps4 otherwise they would say its not no one is going to buy the console to play it if its coming to other platforms shorty after so it would be in there best interest to flat out deny a ps4 version but they cant deny it because it is coming to ps4

deadpoolio3161292d ago

OMG YES it will end up on PS4....MS can say exclusive all they want...FACT every time they claim it is Crystal Dynamics says NO its timed...Nobody is stupid enough to make a game a flat out exclusive on Xbox One anymore not when its 2:1 behind the PS4

showtimefolks1292d ago


just stop it man just stop it

the exclusive has a time duration according to MS, so what makes you think after the time is up it won't come to ps4?

also more than likely ps4 version was in development and still is, only thing is now they can't release it because MS paid Square enix to make this game exclusive for a time period

<S is big but they are not so big that they can cover the cost of potential sales, by the time this comes out ps4 will be 25 million plus sold

if only a quarter of that 25 million people would have bought it that's a lot of sales.

6.25 million

about 360 million

square gets 20-25 for publishing
crystal gets 10-15 for developing
10 goes to retail stores
marketing budget for another 10
console makers get 10

explained by patcher few years back on GT

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ThichQuangDuck1293d ago


Who produced Bloodborne and SFV ? Sony. When are those coming to Xboxone or PC?

Rimgal1293d ago

The Bloodborne IP is owned by Sony. Period. MS does not own the TB IP, square does.

SFV is only being made because Sony is financing the project. Just like what happened with Nintendo and Bayonetta.

That's 2 really bad examples that you are choose to give.

ThichQuangDuck1293d ago


I am saying I think it will likely come to PC but not to PS4. Time will tell as well as E3 based on the information we know that is my guess. I don't see Microsoft paying for another timed exclusive after Titanfall deal

Rimgal1293d ago

Exactly, we just have to wait and see.

I'm sure Square made this deal because they needed the money, and not to upset PC and PS fans. With MS publishing it on the X1 and 360, MS will take all the cost of marketing, and the game might end up profitable for Square before even releasing on other systems. We just have to wait and see.

poor_cus_of_games1293d ago

The first mass effect was published by Microsoft. Guess what? Mass effect 1 is on ps3.

Letthewookiewin1292d ago

Sony Japan also helped develop Bloodborne, so it's a completely different situation. Tomb Raider is "more likely" to come to PS4 because it's a franchise that has been on PS4 previously, and sold more on Sony systems. Now look at TitanFall, exclusive no more because the X1 fan base/or install base, can't supplement the cost of production. Square was disappointed when Tomb Raider didn't sell well across 4 platforms a year ago. Think about this, one million copies would be sold of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 at the minimum. Thats about 50million take home for Square after who ever else takes a cut, and believe me they know that. Microsoft has to make up that amount for an absolute exclusive deal, Sqaure isn't running a charity. With all that said I can't imagine it being a full exclusive. Microsoft is just pathetically trying to force players into buying their system because of the illusion of exclusivity they paid for.

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TheGreatGamer1293d ago

Very clickbait title here, the article is misinformed and clearly only trying to get views by starting a fanboy console war. Poor article that I hope doesn't get approved and for the record, Crystal Dynamic are more than capable of creating a great game, MS have a TIMED exclusive deal so no, TR is not doomed

jamsam3601293d ago ShowReplies(4)
MaximusPrime_1293d ago

Timed exclusive. not concerned.

PS4 have another archaeology adventure game, Uncharted. the more the merrier