PSU security upgrades and Firefox 3 issue

PSU Writes:

"Hi PSU Readers,

On Friday last week was compromised by a hacker who installed some bad software on our server. As soon as we were altered, we immediately traced how they got in and closed the security hole. We then changed passwords, reinstalled the OS and performed a full code audit to prevent it happening again. The site is now fully clean and running as it should be.

Unfortunately during this time, the website was anonymously reported to and Google, who placed a warning notice on that visitors using Firefox 3 are forced to see before they can reach the website (as well as a label next to our site in the search results).

In order to resolve this we have sent a request to both and and we have been confirmed to be in the queue awaiting review. They have checked out the site themselves and have confirmed the issues are gone. We do not know, however, how long it will take before they can lift this label, but hopefully it will be soon.

As regular visitors will know we work really hard here (see Dave's non-stop live blogging during E3) and it's a great shame that as a legitimate site we were penalized like this even after resolving the issues immediately.

We would like to extend our sincere apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this. We'd also like to reassure everyone that we are now devoting even more resources to anti-hack measures, so you can feel confident you are browsing a trustworthy, secure website.

Thank you for your understanding."

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morganfell3774d ago

I use a real browser, Firefox 3, and PSU is working just fine now.

MAiKU3774d ago

Gee... wonder what kind of gamer would do this...

user8586213774d ago

wen the xbots 360 gets the rrod they jump on their pc and do stupid things like this!!

TripleTags3774d ago

awesome guys .. im sure this BS will pass.

morganfell3774d ago

It already has. Firefox3 now loads PSU in a normal manner.

TripleTags3774d ago

more in terms of the hassle this caused for them. guys like justin pinter do great work and it sucked to see them take a hit like they did.

it did NOT need to become an n4g article I'll say that much.

rsebes3774d ago

I'm glad that they got this fixed. It didn't take them very long at all. I'm glad to be getting back onto the site knowing that it's safe.

P.S. As N4G's guidelines says, news is news even if it is something negative as this was.

N4G Guidelines:
..."Posting Negative News
Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story."...

Tinman13774d ago

ALRIGHT FANBOYS! WOO RIGHT HERE HIGH FIVE PS3Z0RS Z0MGZ. Lame ass site for lame ass fanboys. 4 people audience. Periodddd

Galvanise3774d ago

PS3forums and has one of the best gamer communities on the net.