Top 10 Annoying Video Game Characters (Redux)

WM: "Although we did this list a few years ago, we feel like it’s time to give the video a facelift and add a few things we left out. These are all of the game characters we honestly wished the developers just kept out."

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Magicite1233d ago

That fat elvis-like dude in infamous and infamous 2 was pretty annoying to me, its great that u could kill him in the end.

Also I didnt like that girl whos name started with M in RE:Revelations 2, she cursed and complained too much.

I couldnt stand that redhead girl in Tales of graces F, she acted like b1tch.

Limle and that girl with angel-like wings in Star Ocean 4 were incredibly annoying.

Im playing Tales of Symphonia:Dawn of new world and Im totally annoyed by Emil, he is a wimp and douche.

scark921233d ago

I agree with Zeke (inFamous) but to be honest, I find most the 'serious generic esque' character to be the most annoying of all, such Cole himself (inFamous)

rainslacker1232d ago

I think MoMo from XenoSaga takes the cake for me. I absolutely love the games, and the character herself is actually quite good, but the voice actor is insufferable.

What's sad is this same voice actor also portrays one of my favorite characters in my favorite anime's(Sasami from Tenchi Muyo), and she also makes the character insufferable. I will also admit that Shion's character in XS was also annoying for always asking a question that reaffirmed what the last person said like she was a complete airhead was also pretty annoying. Seriously, if you made a drinking game of how often Shion does this in the game, you'd be dead from alcohol poisoning in less than 10 minutes.

Otherwise, for all the ones you mention that I know about, I agree with you 100%.

From the article picture, I actually didn't find Vanille that annoying. She had that strange Australian accent(or maybe it's normal to Australians), but the voice actor actually seemed to fit the character pretty well. her personality was too bland to be annoying otherwise.

Most of the female characters in Omega Quintet were pretty annoying, but that's likely due to overly long exposition scenes and constant repetitive comments during exploration.

Grell5661233d ago

Nathan Drake is the most annoying video game character ever.

ChrisW1233d ago

One character from a franchise?

Well... That's probably a good thing because each of the recent FF games has at least one!

scark921233d ago

I understand why people dislike Tidus but I liked that character :)

rainslacker1232d ago

I like Tidus, but he did take some getting used to. He actually had more depth than most FF lead protagonist, which are oddly one dimensional compared the other characters who often travel with them. FFX all around had the best cast of any FF game IMO. Even Kihmari had depth, and he barely spoke.

gamer78041233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

not clicking on this article, but i loved the character Vanille. She was not just your typical bubbly japanese girl character, she was a multi-faceted character that was explored more as the story went on and then especially at the end. Her voice actress as well has an interesting story, she was on australian tv for a number of years, but had battled alopecia and moved more into voice acting.

Both the character and real-life actress seem like very real and good people.

Baka-akaB1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

To each their own i guess , but considering that in FFXIII , pretty much everyone has trauma or tragic pasts , she still remains annoying without an excuse . Almost veryone had layers and other facets , hers felt hollow . And not all of the others had such an awful and irritating dubbed voice .

rainslacker1232d ago

I liked her voice when she wasn't overplaying the part. If she was just talking, it was actually quite nice. She didn't have much range in expressing the emotions though, and Vanille seemed pretty bipolar most of the time.

I don't consider her a compelling character, as she wasn't very well defined, and seemed more there for the sake of giving Fang a reason to be present. Fang's character also wasn't very well defined as I could never figure out why her and Vanille felt so compelled to do what they did throughout the story, but the voice actor was excellent, and brought life to the character.

Otherwise, for all the other characters, you knew exactly why they were fighting, and their interactions seemed sincere to the story at hand. Sazh had the best story, and voice actor, hope was annoying because he was whiny, Snow was OK but rather one dimensional, and lighting was interesting but underdeveloped with a voice actor who also has trouble playing a range of emotions...which became more obvious as the series progressed.

JackVagina1233d ago

I liked Vanille too, hope was the annoying one.

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