Face-Off: Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4

Digital Foundry:
Ultimately, this release left us rather baffled. Aside from the increase in resolution, every other version of the game remains superior in various ways. While it's still Street Fighter 4 at its heart, the quality of the conversion simply isn't what fans of the series deserve. It may be quite playable for the casual players - but clearly it's designed to appeal to hardcore users still enjoying the title and looking for a console upgrade to at least bring it up to par with the PC release. All of the promotional material was focused on hyping this version as the definitive version and everything was in place for it to become the de facto edition for tournament use. It felt like Sony and Capcom really cared about the fighting game audience and were trying to do right by them with this all-encompassing release but the end results just feel sloppy.

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ThichQuangDuck1292d ago

I will be the rare defender of Capcom. This port was produced by Sony and handled by another company since Capcom is busy working on SFV. Should there have been oversite? Yes,but with a patch coming soon it will be fixed. Never good to have a sloppy port,but it feels like it was rushed

hkgamer1291d ago

it is definitely sony's fault. but capcom can be blamed for allowing such thing to happen.

its like not blaming the publisher but blaming only the developer for releasing such a shoddy port.

ThichQuangDuck1291d ago

I think you are not realizing that Capcom generally had no part in the port. They are working on Street Fighter V. Honestly the port seems just kind of rushed and could have easily have released a little closer to Fall. With the Patch however they will be all good and I am sure they will get that through certification as soon as possible

Yodagamer1291d ago

You think sony would have figured out giving a game to a small team to port wouldn't work by now given the results of vita ports from the same sony third party group.

Rookie_Monster1291d ago

I missed the days of those "Nintendo seal of quality" when games are mostly bug free and runs fine upon release.

Why is this old game needed on PS4 in the first place? And a half a.. job at that by Sony and their selected contracted developer.

IamTylerDurden11291d ago

Why did we need to play a broken version of halo 12345677898852 again on xbone? Why dmc again? Why an 8,9 yr old fps with gears hd? Obviously ppl want them and enjoy playing classics with better res ect.

Nes games and even gamecube ect had to be pristine upon release bc they wouldn't receive patch support like current games do.

Emme1291d ago

Its not because people want them, its because its the fastest way to get games on the new consoles, period. Its a way to fake new game releases and fake a rich variety of next gen software.

Volkama1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Don't speak of "Nintendo seal of quality" too fondly. That was the precursor to the uncompetitive prices of console games and hostile business strategies of closed platform holders that are so rampant today...

hkgamer1291d ago

nintendo seal of quality only means that publishers had to pay nintendo a chunk of money. that chunk of money basically meant that people that wasnt serious enough like most unity devs/steam greenlight/mobile apps couldnt release on that system.

plenty of games ran like crap on nes

MasterCornholio1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )




The Nintendo Seal of Quality isn't what you think it means.

It was more of a way to guarantee that the software would work on your Nintendo product than anything else. It had nothing to do with the quality of the software as many broken games were released under that seal.

Glad you learned something from me.


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IamTylerDurden11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Was it 60fps when it launched for PS3? I recall many ppl complaining about framerate last gen. Wonder how many more USF4 articles we get? Daily i imagine, maybe 2 a day?

Funny bc all reports were that the last gen port wasn't ported any better yet ppl didn't have it dominating "news" sites like this has. It's getting old we know master chef collection was broken and mp was unplayable and usf4 needs to be patched, p cars is a beta version on xbone, witcher has a useless horse ok.

Doge1291d ago

It was 60fps on every console that it launched on. Including the 3DS.

hkgamer1291d ago

it skipped a frame or 2 but it was mainly 60fps on ps3. input lag was slightly behind on ps3 compared to 360 but i think the arcade stick negated that issue. 360 version also looked slightly better.

with that said, i couldnt really tell the difference with input lag. i did come across an issue on the ps3 version though, ryu with a certain costume made it impossible to pull off a certain combo, not sure if it was fixed in future iterations or patches since i stopped playing.

ps4 version however would be pointless for hardcore players due to all those errors that have been reported.

Fireseed1291d ago

This only further raises the question, why is the tournament standard system not already PC? Like seriously, why is any console allowed to be the focal system if a game is also on PC?

Eonjay1291d ago

Because of lucrative partnerships. In other words... there is no one company that can claim PC. Nvidia and AMD try to do so, but unless you are partnering with them, there is no one entity to go to.

higgins781291d ago

InBloodycredible! A poor port arrives on the WiiU, all fingers point at the WiiU being 'underpowered'. A poor port - one of many - arrives on the PS4, all fingers point towards the developer. Wake up and smell what you are shovelling, self-proclaimed 'hardcore' types.

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