Play As Ciri All The Time in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Using This Simple Console Debug Mod

At the moment you can only play as Ciri in certain parts of the game, but with the help of a mod that would enable the debug console, you can enter a command where it would switch the main character Geralt to Ciri with all of her abilities (depending on where you are in the game).

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Mariusmssj1267d ago

hearing Geralts voice on ciri would be weird

FreakOrama1267d ago

Actually you don't hear it at all. You'll hear her combat screams and whatnot, but when you actually do quests, the game switches to a naked Geralt while Ciri is standing near him.

robtion1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Would be great if one of the 16 free dlc's was Ciri mode. Even if it was just a skin for Geralt or something. As I'm playing on ps4 I don't have mod access.