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Endgadget: Neon green and red lights flash as Batman maneuvers the Batmobile through loop de loops in a gaudy underground racetrack. On the streets of Gotham, giant, bulbous tanks strafe around each other shooting at the speeding Bat-vehicle as it tries to escape. Onscreen, a computer-animated Alfred appears and gets snippy with master Bruce.

This is a description of the things I did in a demo of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight, due out this June on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And if any of the above sounds a whole hell of a lot like the camp film Batman & Robin, well, that's because it's eerily similar. If you were a fan of that Joel Schumacher-directed 1997 nipple fest or the open-world distractions of the 2011 video game Arkham City, then that gameplay might sound pretty awesome. But for a fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum like myself, however, this sample of Arkham Knight was disconcerting.

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ERFO1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

This is such a meek, niche demographic, corner-of-the-room representation of nitpickery.

"Yeah the batmobile is cool... I'd just rather the game was more linear like Asylum...."

What? This was either written out of pure boredom, or the assignment given to the writer was 'Give me an opinion adverse to what every other site is saying. Lets be the salmon swimming upstream'. The title says it all.

"I have an opinion that matters too And its different! Also I only listen to one genre of music."

Where, in your honest opinion, did you see the natural progression of the third installment going? I usually want to stay away from a negative reaction in my comments (at least recently. .. okay like maybe my last 3 comments) but come on..... I hate the term hipster but this article seems like an application into the guild.

We're being given what we all thought when we played 'Arkham City'. "Man it sure would be cool to drive the batmobile through these streets". This game is gonna rule and no flimsy, whimsical attempt at an article is going to change that.

This morning's coffee was a strong one, what can I say?

Abash1213d ago

The article writer fails to realize that the Batmobile is what's keeping the Arkham series from feeling stale. We've already gone through Ayslum, City, and Origins, but the openness and Batmobile car combat makes Knight a huge leap for the series and also makes it feel fresh again.

Scatpants1213d ago

Agreed. It still has what made all the past Arkham games great with the addition of car combat. It looks like it will provide a great diversion to the other gameplay and will only add to the experience. Unless the controls suck, which they don't appear to.

jb2271212d ago

It'll be just as fun on foot I'd suspect, street level where we will get to see all of those cool fan nods & easter eggs that were missing from Origins in regards to the rest of Gotham City. They've said that the focus would be no different from City, where ever corner you turned fans could visit crime alley or see Maxie Zeus' building or find secret Scarecrow hideouts or nods to Killer Croc. Hopefully those statements from the devs ring true.

d0x3601212d ago

Gonna disagree with you there. The vehicle's look like the worst part of the game. Boring generic filler to distract from the fact that the game does absolutely nothing new.

itBourne1212d ago

Just throwing it out there, bigger does not always mean better. Not saying it will or will not apply here. But you can lose a lot of what makes a game great when you go open world. Certain games thrive off the developer being able to mold your experience, God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted and the list goes on. Guess we will have to see if it enhances the game or detracts from it.

SilentNegotiator1212d ago


I mean, personally, I preferred the more linear nature of the first game, too. But since they felt the need to churn out 4 titles in just a couple of years, they have to spice it up.

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WeAreLegion1213d ago

Getting a Well Said bubble for that.

iGamerZero_24 1213d ago

Indeed ! This game is gonna rock and can't wait

jb2271212d ago

Totally agree…he also had the "concern" that Arkham Knight utilized some of the same open world locations as Arkham City…as if this new game should throw all of that location at & inexplicably turn Gotham City into a completely different area, ignoring the large chunk that was present in AC. These aren't actual criticism, they are grasping at straws. Plus the only thing that was on offer was a half hour worth of side missions. If those are great fun (his own words) then I honestly don't see where the criticism comes in, other than the fact that it exists. There are certainly concerns about the title, I'm most worried about the story & pacing issues as a result, as losing Paul Dini is a major blow in my eyes, but the gameplay is rock solid, highly doubt they will muck that element up. If the story can live up to the lofty heights of AC then this will be my GOTY no contest.

bixxel1212d ago

Were they expecting a "New Gotham"? I hopw the game becomes a critical hit like Arkham City.

T2X1212d ago

Well, thank god someone has played it, dissected it and let us all know that it really isn't "Batman". I just wanted to thank this guy for saving me $60. Excellent.

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GiantFriendlyCrab1213d ago

yeah i only liked asylum too. Im tired of these open world games. They want you believe the game is worth your money just because you put more hours into open world.


it adds tons of replay value to a game, IF they can make it interesting enough to make you want to play in that open world.

Psychotica1212d ago

Exactly. I want to be able to leave the story for awhile and go create my own fun..

ginsunuva1212d ago

But 99.9% of the time it ends up fluffing playtime by making you traverse between mission locations.

Like 40% of GTA's story modes are spent driving to a start destination.

d0x3601212d ago

Adds replay value? Disagreed. It CAN but doesn't always. I beat asylum about 4 times. I barely finished city. I had to force myself to beat it. I played origins for a couple hours and never touched it again.

Open world in this series is nothing but padding. Instead of highly tuned maps with unique areas we are instead given a boring city that all looks the same.

Flying around is fun for a few min then it gets real old real fast.

Open world isnt always better and in Batman's case its a lot worse


oh im sorry did you play the game? didnt think so.

I also stated it adds replay value IF they make it interesting enough to want to play in that open world.

You like linear games? good for you. They are good for a rental, IF even that.

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ERFO1213d ago

Said the guy with a single bubble to his name.

Lord_Sloth1213d ago

And you came off as so mature in your 1st post....Damn. Almost, dude. Almost.

moegooner881213d ago

Asylum had much thought put into the level design, which made riddles fun and challenging. I too would prefer linearity associated with great level design to say stale open world.

ERFO1213d ago


Just how many profiles do you have, OceanGrownkush?

goldwyncq1213d ago

Arkham city was open, but it was the opposite of stale. I'm sure Arkham Knight would be the same.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )


I have one single profile, I don't understand what makes you think otherwise?

morganfell1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Open world games are stale when they are rife with meaningless fetch quests. Can you explain which missions in Arkham Knight you would consider such fetch quests?

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WeAreLegion1213d ago

What an odd person. It's fine if you prefer the linearity of Asylum, but why play Knight and write a piece like this when you knew what you were getting into? That's ludicrous.


I stopped reading after "disconcerting" haha

harikaerif1213d ago

I personally liked Arkham City more due to it felt like i was really in a city filled with criminals. I simply LOVE both though and i'm sure Arkham Knight will be just as good.

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