Critical Gamer: My life as a gamer dad

Kevin writes: Having become a father just shy of four years ago, the time I get to play games has been somewhat reduced today, compared to my responsibility-free younger years. However, I still save a few hours throughout the week for my favourite hobby, and have just recently introduced my son to the delights of Nintendo’s catalogue of games on the Wii U. Seeing his face light up as he completes a level in Super Mario 3D World reminds me of when I played a game for the first time, and the sense of wonder and joy that gaming brings.

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Sniperwithacause1295d ago

It really is a great feeling watching my kids emotions when they succeed at a level they have been stuck on. My 10yr old thinks he is a master at all mario games. My 5yr daughter get a real kick at telling me what I do wrong in a level,or she tells me if I would have done this instead of that I wouldn't have died.

LgbtWarrior1295d ago

no kids for me but I do love that my niece is so good at video games at only 21 she actually is almost done with bloodborne that makes me a proud uncle

ger23961294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Did you mean 12 years old? If so, congrats to her for almost finishing bloodborne.

CorndogBurglar1294d ago

This was a great read.

I have a 5 year old and she's been going through my Xbox Live Arcade game on my 360. You couldn't imagine the giant smile on my face when she picked Castle Crashers out of that list of 50 games or so. Its now her favorite game. She was even the pink Castle Crasher for halloween.

Its such a good feeling and its a great way to spend time with her. :)

MSBAUSTX1294d ago

Love this article. I have a great time playing Wii games with my little boy who is almost 4. He isnt good but has a great time and loves that he is involved with his daddy playing a game together. It truly is quality time. We dont do it all the time but being able to share something that I enjoy with him and watching him having a good time brings joy to my life.

gamerdad3161294d ago

this article definitely captures my thoughts as well. excellent.

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