Sonic and the Black Knight first pics

Sega has announced a new Sonic game for the Wii called Sonic and the Black Knight in the latest Nintendo Power magazine that will feature Sonic with a sword. Here are the first pics of the game finally !

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Smacktard3772d ago

Wow, it's gonna suck. What a shocker.

nightmareluffy13772d ago

Ill take the plunge....ill give it a chance. It just cant be worse than sonic 06....nothing can be worse than sonic 06(i hope)...until then ill just have to hope....hell its my money and i liked sonic and the secret rings.

Bnet3433772d ago

I know what you mean. I don't know if the PS3/Xbox 360 Sonic sucked in terms of actual story and the game as a whole because once it was inserted into my Xbox 360, the game was so bad, it was unplayable. The framerate pissed me off so bad, I ejected the game and returned it back to GameFly

nightmareluffy13772d ago

i beat that game on a $25 bet. it was a test of patience and sanity....the story, seriously it was forgettable by the end of the game everybody forgot all the sh!t they did. it just sucked.(horrors beyond horrors the load times....THE LOAD TIMES!!!)

Blue Legend3772d ago

Dare I mention....
Shadow the Hedgehog.... the PS2 version!

gumgum993772d ago

well, at least their taking a page out of Unleash's book.

In a way, These spinoff titles are starting to grow on me. It just makes since with the whole "traveling around the world" thing that Sonic is known for.

PS3Freak3772d ago

I'll give it a shot, could be interesting. Since the classic sonic formula OBVIOUSLY hasn't been working why not try something new. If this flops than sonic should be killed off, but that probably won't happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.