Witcher 3 Wild Hunt “No XP” Glitch Fix is Coming in the latest Patch

The PC version of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is surrounded by a lot of hype these days. A new patch is on the way and there are a bunch of new mods already launched.

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nikrel1233d ago

Man they have their work cut out for em..

Avernus1233d ago

XP glitch? People are in a hurry to ruin their Witcher 3 experience huh. Shame, if I had this on PC, the only mods I'll want are mods that improve graphics / textures...and a mode to allow me to store my stuff! :( ... running out of room.

WellyUK1233d ago

It's not people boosting levels... It's quests not giving XP that they are fixing, it's game breaking atm for me as i get 0 xp from nearly all of my quests.

atke car1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Yeah i'm just using 9999 store items mod. :) End graphics mod. Now it looks almost the same like E3 2013. I just staring at game, and looking around and do some quest here and there, but most of the time just look at trees and sky. LoL :D

Kalebninja1233d ago

Do we only gain xp from quests? I've killed enemies over 15 levels above me and got Nada.

camel_toad1233d ago

You do (or are supposed to) get xp for killing enemies but its not much at all - I think it's around 5xp per enemy depending on level.

Im in the unfortunate group though where I can do a 2 hour quest and get no xp for it which suuucks. Have to wait till tues or wed for the patch so I wont be touching the game again till then. Loving it so putting my playtime on hold hurts!

Heavenly King1233d ago

if the enemy is level 1 you get 1xp. if the enemy is level 18 you get 18xp that is how it works based on my play time.

Summons751233d ago

Yes, it's rather unfair and even then the only quests that give you a good amount of experience are main story quests. You're better off going through the story than doing all the side stuff after.

Kalebninja1233d ago

pssh I just did the lighthouse penitent side quest and for something that was only a level above me it was a ridiculously hard fight, the quest you get after it is reward enough though. they need to make beating hard enemies more worthwhile, I like to feel satisfied when im done.