Xbox One Background Music Feature Not Coming Anytime Soon

Xbox One owners awaiting an official background music feature may want to get comfortable.

Responding to a fan on Twitter today, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said this feature won't be delivered until after Windows 10 integration comes to Xbox One.

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jetlian1242d ago

You can use usb but its harder to setup that way

Me-Time1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

That's what we have to do for the PS4, but damn, was I happy when the PS4 first allowed BGM; it was added only a short while after getting GTA V too :D. They said the music player is just a default and they're going to structure it to allow files to be saved onto the hard drive.

IIIIIIII'm waiiiting. :)

XBLSkull1242d ago

I always thought this was a nice feature but never used it. Far too distracting in multiplayer or story driven games. I suppose it is great in sports/racing, which I don't play.

Mega241242d ago

Well, the new Spotify app for ps4 has defeated that. Spotify premium is so good, has a lot to offer.

dcbronco1242d ago

I used to love this feature on Xbox 360. Playing good driving music during Forza online and offline. Or playing through co-op CoD with the classical war music going. It's a shame this wasn't a day one feature. It should have been.

Me-Time1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Yea, I agree with you. First of all, I couldn't even think about playing The Last Of Us with BGM. Racing and GTA (GTA IV on the 360 is when I first (and maybe last) heard my personal music while playing a game (aside from GT games and maybe pCARS?). I feel like it would be sacrilegious to play personal music during a story driven game. TLOUs, hellllllll no.

Gran Turismo... I'm not a serious racer, soooo hell yeah! Since GT5, for sure, I like that I can play my own music when I'm "driving". I wish it were more accessible in Gran Turismo though. Since it's PS3, you can't choose or fast-forward songs during gameplay. Well, it's still better in GT6 than GT5, "Anything in GT6 should have been in GT5." Annd the other way around. If you play both of them, you might know what I mean.

I heard Spotify is more than worth it, but I'll have to wait till I get a job again before I start spending money on things that don't get me intoxicated :D.

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helterskelter1242d ago

It always seems an extra peripheral is needed to get some standard features working on an xbone!

LoydX-mas1242d ago

What peripherals are needed for what "standard" features are you referring to?

helterskelter1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

External HDD's and Batteries in the controller!

TheCommentator1242d ago

We're talking about BGM coming with Win10, which is an OS update, not a peripheral.

If you want to be a troll, consider this: You're trashing the ability to plug in up to 16TB per usb versus having to open up your system and get 2TB max. Plus, you can use a standard PC HDD and save some money if you don't mind an external power supply.

helterskelter1242d ago

@ TheCommentator

Then why not just PC Game if u dont mind adding peripherals! Kinda defeats the whole console premise ig you need extra power supplies, batteries and HDD's!

Call it trolling all you want but people are allowed to hold their own opinions regarding the xbone!

TheCommentator1242d ago

That's absurd. Why don't you game on PC if you care about resolution?

Swapping the PS4 HDD doesn't constitute an additional purchase then? You lose the initial 500GB when you swap, plus, an external 2.5" HDD is USB powered, a 3.5" HDD is not but will cost less. I can buy a cheaper external drive by going 3.5" and have up to 48TB of HDD space total if I want. PS4 is limited to a 2.5" HDD with 2TB max for games.

And you are trolling since this article has nothing to do with peripherals. You went off topic just to say how much you hate the XB1, which is sad. If you want to hold your opinion, you can start by holding it until it's relevant.

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Rookie_Monster1242d ago

Windows 10 is scheduled to arrive in the Fall so I expect it to be there before the end of the year. Background music and Forza 6 will be godly! The current snap workaround rob to much of the screen real estate for me to use it.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

If they consider "so a little later" and "post summer" as "not anytime soon", then (as far as we know now) PS4 is probably not getting any new features in longer than "not anytime soon".

On the surface, I suppose the wording of the article isn't really that bad, though I get annoyed at how seemingly every article about Xbox is subversively worded to disappoint while PS4 articles make delayed games, such as UC 4 and R&C, sound as if it is "for the best" that they're delayed (and then if there is an article pointing out the negativity of that, then Sony fans claim it is media bias, lies, shilling, and\or a conspiracy against Sony, etc.).

Phil said, "so a little later"... so I think they should have worded it that, "we'll have to wait a little longer" for the feature.

@Dario_DC and kneon, not wanting additional features and intelligence is BACKWARDS.

I've always thought the "focus only on gaming" BS is symbolic of being BACKWARDS about what's best, especially since Microsoft is showing this year that they're better focused on gaming AND they deliver more features... it is only in performance that they're lacking, and that should be even less of an issue with the coming updates.

Microsoft will be adding lots of features with Universal Windows Apps support soon, including inevitably adding the most advanced WideSpread AI in the world, Cortana, for use on XO with Kinect, plus they're laying the foundation for a newer version of XO that will perform better while maintaining backwards and forwards compatibility with all the features they're adding now.

I hope Microsoft soon rids the world of having to buy multiple "game only" devices from every major developer... it is too expensive and inconvenient to carry around multiple devices and switch between devices\inputs for features not updated well, such as in smart TVs, etc.

Also, Microsoft has long had the theme of "One" (such as their main address of "One Microsoft Way"). You may notice that more companies are now starting to promote their own theme of "One", such as "Android One" and even Sony has recently used the theme of "One Sony". I think Microsoft is really the only "One" that can properly implement "Universal Oneness"... they've been focused on it longer than others because Microsoft is more forward thinking, other companies are BACKWARDS, such as with their use of daemonic NIX OSes that are all fLAMER.

@aceitman, that's obvious... because it seems BACKWARDS being unnecessarily negative while that Sony articles often seem to be undeservedly positive. Another reason is that I just posted in a rare article negative towards Sony about their delays while many people commented about how the article was all media bias and lies, thus I thought it important to make clear that sort of bias seems to happen more against MS than Sony. You can read what I mean here,

@Dario_DC, FYI, as far as corporate slaves, I think Sony is the one more well known for their execs wearing SUITS. Your implying that BS is SPIN to paint me as evil while you defend your daemonic OS provider. Bill Gates is helping the poor seemingly daily. An example how you're BACKWARDS (Gates tasting sewer water to promote helping 3rd world problems),

aceitman1242d ago

So how is it u made this a negative about ps4 ,when this is about x1 .

Dario_DC1242d ago

Spoken like a true corporate slave... I hope MS pays you big bucks for you to be such a devoted fan! It's like religion to some of you people... So sad... What has this topic to do with the PS4???
I for one, don't want to have CPU cores, GPU allocation and RAM locked for an bloated Operating System! These could be used to get games runing at 60fps and full 1080p but I guess you prefer to order pizzas with your Kinect right?
Seriously go out, get some fresh air and think long and hard about your life dude...

Dario_DC1242d ago

I serioulsy don't get why people insist that MS and Sony keep filling consoles with all of these "features"....
Personally I'm an old school console player. Why do I need all of these features? Huge Operating Systems? I don't even care about Youtube apps much less the rest.... Everyone has a PC\PHONE\LAPTOP that does all this and more.
All these Apps\features\etc use a ton of resources that could be used for GAMING, these are GAME CONSOLES... How much RAM, GPU and CPU resources could be freed if these companies just used these consoles for games alone.... I really see no reason whatsoever why spend time and resources on this crap... They could just leave the store, friends related things and trophies and that's it.

Farmassy1242d ago

Go home dad. You're drunk

kneon1242d ago

My TV's already handle youtube, netflix, DLNA, skype, facebook etc, I don't need them in my console.

Lennoxb631242d ago

You do realize that there are very few TVs that utilize all of that right. And the ones that do are very expensive. The HDTVs that ARE affordable are just getting DLNA. But that's it.

kneon1241d ago

Even cheap $500 TVs now support most of these things.

Though personally I would prefer that TVs were just high quality dumb TVs. I'd rather add the "smart TV" features through a cheap dedicated device like a Roku or chromecast.

Fro_xoxo1242d ago

You have a point. But, this should be a simple enough feature for a console with 8 core processors.

I guess it wasn't a priority..

TheNemesis5011242d ago

this was so nice on the 360, surprized they didnt have this for xone.

FragMnTagM1242d ago

One of the reasons why I preferred the 360 to the PS3

I used to do it on the original Playstation with certain games. After the game loaded you could take the game disc out and put a CD in and it would play while you were playing the game. The only thing though is that you had to swap the game disc back in when it came time to load something again. I don't even think it was a feature of the Playstation, just something that it could inadvertently do.

I did it with Vigilante 8 all the time. Some games streamed while the game was playing, others loaded the whole session beforehand like V8.

DaNo941242d ago

Wow that is great man.. 2 mb system ram of the ps1 can run background music but xbox one with 8gb ram can't.. what a joke

BTW PS3 had BGM with certain games.. like Super Stardust HD

FragMnTagM1242d ago


I had a PS3 I just preferred the 360.

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